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Porn Epidemic in Churches Prompts Christian Filmmakers to Rally Pastors
Contact: Jeremy Wiles, 423-255-9333

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., June 11, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Every second over $3,000 is spent on it. Every second over 25,000 Internet users are viewing it. Forty million men regularly visit websites for it. Ten percent of men admit they suffer from an online addiction to it. According to a recent survey of church leaders, 50 percent of pastors and 68 percent of Christian men confessed they visit it online weekly.

What is it? "It" is Internet pornography -- and "it" has invaded American churches. Pastor Chuck Swindoll warns that it is the "number one problem" contributing to divorces among Christian couples.

In response to this growing epidemic in the Church, a group of filmmakers took it upon themselves to create a DVD teaching curriculum on sexual purity called the Conquer Series. The Series is the first of its kind to show men how to "reboot" a brain that's hooked on porn, using biblical principles and powerful insights. "The shocking statistics were the game-changer for me," says director, Jeremy Wiles. "So, we spent two years developing a 5-hour discipleship curriculum, interviewing top Christian leaders on this subject and shooting battle reenactments to illustrate the war that every man faces with sexual temptation. I wanted to give men proven principles on how to find freedom. We can be the generation that changes the statistic," adds Wiles.

The team recruited Dr. Ted Roberts, a former U.S. Marine fighter pilot, to be the host of the Conquer Series. As a former Pastor and head of Pure Desire Ministries, Dr. Roberts has counseled men for over 30 years -- mainly dealing with pornography issues. "Our goal with the Conquer Series is to give men a battle plan for purity. We've got a great tool here that will change lives, but we need pastors to partner with us to fight this battle," Dr. Roberts said.

Designed to appeal to a male viewing audience, the Conquer Series videos are pumped with action-packed cinematic reenactments of real experiences in Dr. Roberts' life -- including aerial fights over Vietnam. In addition to Dr. Roberts' in-depth teaching about healing emotional wounds, the five-part DVD series also includes interviews with brain scientists and church leaders. The Conquer Series, unrivaled in its scope and authority, is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation.

Wiles is confident the Conquer Series will embolden church leaders to tackle the problem by giving them a high-quality video curriculum and study guide that can be used by leaders in small men's group meetings. "Pornography is a really tough subject for a lot of pastors to openly confront," said Wiles. "This cinematic Series will give them confidence that they can restore men using proven Bible-based principles." Paul Cole, President of Christian Men's Network, agrees, "When the Conquer Series begins to be a part of who we are, it will begin to change what we do and who we are as a church."

Watch the Conquer Series film trailer at www.conquerseries.com.

The Conquer Series is a 6-disc DVD set, which includes five 1-hour long teaching DVDs and a leader’s DVD. They are currently offering a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you want to see if this is something for you or the men in your church, then here's a chance to try it risk-free.

Order online at www.conquerseries.com/shop/conquer-series-6-dvd

Dr. Ted Roberts is available for media interviews. Contact tiana@kingdomworks.com for scheduling.