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Manifesting the Power of God
Gane Wisdom LLC
June 27, 2023

DETROIT, June 27, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Are you satisfied in the direction your life is going right now? Are you living each moment with happiness and peace of mind? Have you achieved your dreams, wishes and goals? If not, have you ever wondered – Why?
Inspirational author, and in-demand speaker Guy W. Gane, Jr. is launching his newest book "Chrysalis: Awakening to God's Path, Protection and Power in Your Life."

"Each of us want to be happy, live in contentment and achieve our objectives in life, yet too few of us ever do," observes Gane. In writing Chrysalis Gane contemplated the life experiences, as well as the life lessons he learned and decided to share these findings with the world. "Over the years, I'd noticed that there are people, no matter how well intended, who would try to make Scripture say something that it doesn't. We know that Scripture speaks to each of us in different ways. A particular passage may have tremendous effect on one person and have no meaning to another. Too many times however I saw where a speaker or an author tried to create a theology that they liked. I once read a quote that said, 'Whenever possible, let Scripture interpret Scripture.' In Chrysalis I took God's words at face value."

The book takes the reader on a journey to the Holy Land, bringing them within hearing distance of Jesus' words and miracles. Over and over the Savior continually reminds the afflicted and the seeker that it is by their faith they are healed. To not doubt. To believe. It is in listening to the 'still, small voice' which allows us, as Isaiah points out, to hear that voice behind us encouraging us to walk in His way.

It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of living by God's words in the present state of the world, but in order to be in a position to make a difference in that world, we must first make certain that our foundation is not only pure but sturdy as well. What separates the victor from the vanquished is in the way they handle their achievements as well as their failures and this is what makes Chrysalis unique. Gane, who himself hit rock bottom many years ago, felt called to share the messages that were put on his heart. "Humbly," offered Gane, "this book was not written entirely by me."

Although there is an abundance of inspirational and motivational publications on the market, Chrysalis may just be that rare and unprecedented book that solidifies the relationship between the seen and unseen in our daily lives and exemplifies that with God all things are possible.

Chrysalis: Awakening to God's Path, Protection and Power in Your Life is available at:
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