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Chicago Pastor and Youth Specialist, Titus Lee, Releases New Book - Connecting with Disconnected Youth
New Book by Rev. Titus Lee
Connecting with Disconnected Youth - A Practical Guide to Positive Teen Engagement

Operation Link-Up, Inc.
Aug. 18, 2022

CHICAGO, Aug. 18, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- In recent months we have been riveted by violent outbursts among our youth. We have witnessed random mass shootings carried out by young assailants as well as alarming rates of suicide among teenagers. In the aftermath of these incidences, we have learned that many of these youth were disconnected from their families and peers. We have been forced to face this tough reality; our youth are more connected than ever before by technology but yet scores of them are emotionally disconnected.

These detached youth are in our communities. They are often outliers who don't fit into any social pecking order. Frequently they are subject to bullying, ostracism, and rejection. Subsequently they harbor anger, lash out, and/or become so withdrawn that they lose touch with those around them. They often migrate to the margins of society as they struggle with a deep feeling of "there is no place to belong."

In Connecting with Disconnected Youth, Chicago Pastor and Youth Specialist, Rev. Titus Lee shares innovative ways to win these youth regardless of their degree of detachment. He provides a playbook on how to facilitate positive youth engagement. This book is full of proven strategies that he has utilized while serving youth in some of the most challenging areas of Chicago.

Rev. Titus Lee says, "most violent youth have been violated themselves through abandonment, abuse, assault, and even generational poverty. However, no matter how hardened and calloused these teens seem to be, adults can win them over through unbiased listening, caring, and consistency. Adults must first make the connection with these youth before they start giving directions to these youth."

This book reveals that through empathy, adults can avoid becoming numb and desensitized toward youth. It also equips you with five practical strategies to win youth. Plus, the significant roles that a mentor plays in the life of a teenager are shared. Connecting with Disconnected Youth is full of antidotes that empower adults to engage youth more effectively.

About the Author - Rev. Titus Lee
Titus Lee has devoted his life to reaching teenagers. He is the Founder and Director of Operation Link-Up Teen Empowerment Program, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. He regularly speaks to youth in classes, camps, and retreats. He also hosts the annual Make the Connection Training Summit for youth workers, educators and religious leaders. He is the pastor of Southside Worship Center in Chicago. Titus is married to his wife, Nedra. They are the parents of three wonderful children.

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