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Second Bio-Waste Driver: 'There's a Lot of Money in Burning Babies'

Former Waste Driver Exposes Gruesome Reality of Disposing of Aborted Babies

Contact: Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal,
614-419-9000, mark@createdequal.org

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 20, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A second video has now been released by Created Equal depicting another waste driver attesting to the fact that Stericycle, America's largest bio-waste company, continues to receive, transport, and dispose of aborted children. Created Equal has now made public testimony and audio recordings from two drivers verifying that Stericycle continues to enable the murder of preborn children.

Here is an edited transcript of the video:

    I saw them (clinic workers) taking a fetus out of the freezer, head, legs, arms, putting it in a box and they put a yellow sticker, a shipping label on it. And that indicates incinerate that box.

    Normally if something's incinerated, especially from an abortion clinic, it's about $800 to $900 per box. The motivation is there, and the motivation is money. Plain and simple.

    When I started, there was a white sticker on that container which that means, that waste can go to the landfill. I knew that it was supposed to have a yellow sticker to be incinerated. So there's no telling how many body parts are in the landfill.

    Under the table they're getting hundreds of dollars per fetus to destroy them. And that's the motivation to break the law and meet them off site, that sort of thing. There's a lot of money in burning babies. It's very, very shady. I couldn't do it. I resigned yesterday, and I'm turning in my uniforms today. Because I can't be associated with that.

According to the abortion industry's own experts, medical waste companies such as Stericycle are the abortion industry's weak link. Since Created Equal's launch of Project Weak Link in 2016, several waste companies have ceased collaborating with the abortion cartel.

Stericycle's CEO Charles Alutto has denied continued involvement despite having repeatedly filmed Stericycle trucks receiving and transferring aborted babies at numerous abortion facilities across the country.

  • Watch the first waste driver video released on August 29, 2018

Unless Stericycle refuses to enable abortion facilities in collecting, transporting, and disposing of fetal remains, as well as the instruments used to kill them and other waste, we will never stop exposing them to the public.

Created Equal is asking concerned citizens to contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto at (847) 607-2004 and tell him to stop lying about his company's involvement in the abortion holocaust.

Created Equal exists to establish the concept of human equality and expose the lethal injustice of abortion. Our projects include campus outreach, urban outreach, sidewalk counseling, Justice Rides, Operation Overpass, Project Weak Link, and others.