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Pastor Greg Locke Announces Riveting New Documentary 'Come Out In Jesus Name' in Theaters Monday, March 13, 2023

New film follows Pastor Locke and a diverse group of demon-slaying preachers as they begin to spark the most important awakening in church history.


Watch the new Official Trailer here

Locke Media
Feb. 9, 2023

NASHVILLE, Feb. 9, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Following a startling chain of events, the most controversial Christian pastor in America, Greg Locke, took a 180-degree turn from his mainstream religious traditions and led his church to the brink of revival. He and a diverse group of unconventional preachers then began to spark the most important awakening in church history — through the most unlikely means – by casting out demons.
In theaters across America Monday, March 13, 2023, this riveting new documentary, Come Out In Jesus Name, follows the beginnings of their epic journey from a small church in Tennessee to a global deliverance ministry exposing and fighting an unseen enemy destroying families and churches and paralyzing Christians with fear and bondage. Knowledge is power, and in Come Out In Jesus Name, Locke and the team show the Church how to defeat the enemy and get delivered and set free. For tickets and more information, visit ComeOutInJesusName.com.

Come Out In Jesus Name features Greg Locke, Tai Locke, Isaiah Saldivar, Alexander Pagani, Vladimir Savchuk, Daniel Adams, Mike Signorelli, Leon Du Preez, Henry Shaffer, Chiara Clark, and Hudson Locke.
Watch the new Official Trailer here.

"God used controversy. He used the media. He used all of it to grow a massive-sized platform," says Locke. "But it was never about the controversy. It was never about the politics. God built our platform for deliverance."

"I never could have imagined that exposing darkness would cause so much craziness in the body of Christ in America," Locke goes on to say. "I'm shocked at what followers of Jesus will allow in their homes. I'm shocked at what they allow in their cars, what they allow in their kids' bedrooms, what they allow in their minds, and what they allow in their hearts."

"Demons are professionals at hide and seek. People say, 'Why doesn't the devil just show up at the Super Bowl?'" says Isaiah Saldivar. "The thing the devil wants to convince this generation of is that he's not real. If we believe the devil isn't real and demons aren't real, we won't fight them. The moment the devil is exposed, and that power of God, that light, exposes the darkness - then we're able to fight him."
Locke is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. The social media firebrand, who has one of the largest platforms in the country, is the author of the No. 1 Bestselling Spiritual Warfare Series and host of On Point with Pastor Greg Locke. He is a popular revivalist and speaker in churches and political circles alike. His ministry can be contacted at GlobalVisionBC.com.

Come Out In Jesus Name is executive produced by Greg Locke, produced by Wayne Caparas, directed by Eddie Lamberg, edited by Tim Romero, with music supervision by Jeffrey Joslin. Joslin also produced the official Come Out In Jesus Name soundtrack featuring original new songs, to be released on iTunes and CD in March.

For more information about Come Out In Jesus Name, visit Lockemedia.org.

Rating: NR
Running Time: 90 minutes

Website: ComeOutInJesusName.com
Facebook: @ComeOutInJesusNameMovie
Instagram: @ComeOutInJesusNameMovie
TikTok: @ComeOutInJesusNameMovie
Hashtag: #ComeOutInJesusNamemovie

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Locke Media produces broadcast-length news and teaching shows for a broad range of audiences, podcasts, and documentary films that deal with issues found at the front line of the global spiritual battle. Come Out In Jesus Name is the first in a series of feature length films Locke Media has in the works. 

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