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A Different Take on the Culture War

Attorney Justin Giboney, Co-Founder & President of the AND Campaign

Prominent Black Christian Leaders Seek to Build Bridges

Do U Media, LLC
April 21, 2023

ATLANTA, April 21, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- The AND Campaign, a Christian civic organization, is leading a political movement to build bridges and address polarization in America. This past week, Black Christian leaders from across the country, from multiple denominations and across generational lines stood together during a press conference in Atlanta, GA to endorse the AND Campaign as a legitimate voice in the American discourse. Over 100 prominent leaders also signed the AND Campaign's statement about the unique voice and role of the traditional Black Church in the political and cultural landscape. "The culture war is always a zero sum game. Your win is my loss and my win is your loss; that is not how things necessarily have to be." state Justin Giboney Founder and CEO of the AND Campaign.

The landmark "Hidden Tribes" study concluded that the majority of Americans (67%) make up the "Exhausted Majority," and are fed up with America's polarization. "The majority middle may not be as segregated as the polarization and boundaries both parties depict us to be. Our faith should always, collectively bring us together. A silent church is a violent nation." states Representative Trenee McGee. The AND Campaign believes that it is time for a change; believing that too many important issues like immigration, healthcare, and housing are not being adequately addressed because America is being held hostage by two warring worldviews that leave no space for other voices.

Some of the endorsing leaders of the AND Campaign include Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner-Former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, Bishop Claude Alexander-Pastor and Civic Leader, Dr. Cynthia Hale-Pastor and prominent leader, Chris Broussard-Fox Sports, Benjamin Watson-Former NFL Player, Chantelle Anderson-Former WNBA Player, Trenee' McGee-Connecticut Representative, and Yolanda Flowers-Democratic Candidate for Governor in the state of Alabama.

About the AND Campaign:
The AND Campaign was founded in 2016. It is currently represented in 13 chapters in major U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, DC., Dallas and New York. The AND Campaign recently released the docuseries, "How We Got Over" which examines the historical role of devout faith and orthodoxy in the Black Church. The AND Campaign also established "Churches Helping Churches Challenged," which raised nearly $1.5 million for churches in low income communities during the pandemic. The AND Campaign has created a large coalition of Black faith leaders who are interested in social justice and moral order.

About Justin Giboney:
Justin Giboney is an attorney, political strategist and ordained minister in Atlanta, GA. He is also the Co-Founder and President of the AND Campaign, which is a coalition of urban Christians who are determined to address the sociopolitical arena with the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mr. Giboney has managed successful campaigns for elected officials in the state and referendums relating to the city's transportation and water infrastructure.

In 2012 and 2016, Georgia's 5th congressional district elected him as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention. A former Vanderbilt University football player and law student, Justin served on the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Board of Directors. He's the co-author of Compassion (&) Conviction - The AND Campaign's Guide to Faithful Civic Engagement, and has written op-eds for publications such as Christianity Today, The Hill, and has been featured in the New York Times.


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