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Dr. Alveda King: Overcoming the Onslaught of Violence in America and the World

"Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful at the report heard in the land, when a report comes in one year and afterward a report in another year, and violence is in the land, and ruler is against ruler." -- Jeremiah 51:46 ESV

Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277

ATLANTA, Dec. 4, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Dr. Alveda King:

    The San Bernardino, CA terrorist attack is a horrific tragedy. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated chain of events, last week's shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs brought on a firestorm of blame at pro-lifers.

    Let's keep in mind that pro-abortion advocates deliberately omit admissions that millions of babies have been legally violently dismembered or chemically killed in America by abortion. And many mothers have been maimed or killed in the process.

    Also, lest we forget, the "Black Lives Matter" cries -- yes, Black lives matter, all Black lives matter [including aborted babies, black on black crime victims, incarcerated youths, etc.]. Indeed all lives matter because John 3:16 says God loves the whole world and that means everybody. We, as one human race (Acts 17:26), are in this thing together whether we like it or not.

    What's missing is the connection between seemingly random violent outbreaks in the atmosphere. There is a common denominator in these events; an utter lack of respect for life.

    Terrorism, be it in the womb, from distant shores, behind the domestic walls of our homes, or wherever it occurs, terrorism by any other name is still the same.

    Human life has long been devalued to the point that life has often become disposable as long as we can't see the danger to our own lives.

    With this acceptance of devaluation of humanity, the consciences of men, women and children have been numbed.

    Is there any wonder that mass killings are occurring on a regular, almost daily, basis?

    Killing is fast becoming the choice many people are "choosing" in order to fix their problems.

    We must wake up and recognize that the taking of any life, born, unborn, sick, handicapped, poor, elderly, those of faith outside of ours -- is wrong.

    "The people who know their God shall [must] stand firm and take action." Daniel 11:32 ESV

    Contrary to what others are saying, that "God will not fix this," it should be obvious that only God can change hearts and fix broken lives. Pray for America, and the world.

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