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Dr. James F. Linzey, First Minister to Publicly Endorse Donald J. Trump for President in 2016, Endorses Trump Again for 2024

Photo: Dr. James F. Linzey (photo taken by George Strother in 2020)

Dr. James F. Linzey
July 17, 2023

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Dr. James F. Linzey:

    I unreservedly, without hesitation, and with sincerity and anticipation of great things to come, enthusiastically endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America in 2024. Please join me as we "Make American Great Again!"

    According to the Republican National Committee (RNC), I was the first minister to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016. Subsequently, the RNC invited me to be a Donald Trump surrogate and to attend the RNC National Convention in 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. I accepted the invitations and engaged in interviews on behalf of Donald Trump. He won!

    Before and after the 2020 election was stolen, I have increasingly witnessed a two-tiered justice system, one for the Communists and their radical mob-rule cronies, which I believe are the leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans, and another for the Constitutional Christian, law-abiding, police-loving, Right—citizens who have dignity and self-respect, who think and speak for themselves, who love God and America, and who support the rule of law.

    It seems to me that the CIA, FBI, and the Department of Justice, which is, in my opinion, "Justice in Name Only" (JINO), have been weaponized against law-abiding American citizens because they either voted for Donald Trump or they refuse to shut up and be intimidated when their votes are discounted, elections are stolen, and justice is subverted. 

    I am sure that we will be blessed if there is a strong enough power to free the election system to make sure it will be fair in 2024. I have heard that the electronic ballot machines are controlled by computers and satellite and that the tallied numbers are rigged in foreign countries and counted in Spain and elsewhere. Shutting the mouths of Americans and imprisoning them for speaking up is a sure sign to me that there has been a coup d'état in America in 2020.

    Those who opposed election interference were and are accused of attempting to overthrow the election. But Communists, "gas-lighters," revolutionaries, liars, sinners, and many Democrats and all RINO Republicans, and narcissists always accuse you of doing what they themselves do.

    Meanwhile, they have taken over our government, kept the southern border open to allow their Communist Chinese comrades to pour into our beloved country with other revolutionaries from all over the world to foment revolution in America. You can bet there will be insurrections across America, backed by the un-elected ruling elite, if Donald Trump is reelected in 2024.

    I have been informed that revolutionaries have been armed to the teeth by treasonous traitors in the United States, and other sinners in China, and other nations. All the weapons were paid for by you, the American taxpayer, many of which have been sent to Ukraine, but smuggled back from Ukraine to Mexico, and then brought back into the United States and placed in the hands of revolutionaries in the outskirts of America. China has brought in weapons of mass destruction, one of which is the Chinese virus from the Wuhan Lab. It is really a bio-weapon, "Virus in Name Only" (VINO).

    These sinners might be Hell's worst nightmare! Perhaps they were evicted from Hell because they scared its tenants so badly, and were sent to plague the earth.

    I believe that these infiltrators with our weapons have already been and continue to be positioned in our cities, fields, national parks and forests, hotels, rural America, and on our active and abandoned military bases.

    The Communist left, in attempting to forcibly subject Americans to Senate Bill 686, would imprison anyone for 20 years who dissents from the Globalist Agenda. Those who publish an "Anti-Hillary" meme are facing 10 years in prison.

    When I was in the Texas Army National Guard, I was informed by my Chaplain Assistant, who is a native Texan, that on the back of freeway signs throughout Texas, and perhaps throughout America, are computerized tags in Spanish, Chinese, Russian and other languages with directions to all elements of vital infrastructure in the nearby towns and cities so they can take over America town by town, city by city, and region by region. These include local National Guard armories to confiscate weapons, police stations, city halls, communication centers such as phone operations and television and radio stations, water plants, electrical grids, means of travel such as airports, highways, roads, streets, and railways.

    Military chaplains are the primary eyes and ears of their commanders. I believe that military chaplains who do not stay informed, who do not speak up and speak out, and who do not inform their commanders of these plans are derelict of their pastoral calling and their military duties and should be relieved of duty by their commanders and have their endorsements revoked by their church officials.

    Many elected officials and military officers will welcome these revolutionaries as comrades, because they are part of the plan, already in office, pre-positioned with power to aid and abet revolution. Some elected officials did this in plain sight on television during the insurrections across America prior to the coup d'état in 2020. City officials unlocked city halls and welcomed in the revolutionaries as they took over city halls and mayors' offices.

    Revolutionaries took over and burned down police stations and blocked off sections of large cities. They looted stores and entire malls, and set cities on fire. They merciless beat Caucasians, ordering them on their knees to ask for forgiveness for being White. Many Black revolutionaries also murdered many Blacks. Many of the stores that they looted and burned down were owned by Blacks.

    On national television, police officers in uniform lay prostrate on the ground, face down, in front of Blacks, begging for forgiveness for being White and for things they never did. These Communists murdered Americans without being imprisoned by Marxist mayors and judges. Police officers were assaulted under threat of being fired by Marxist mayors and chiefs of police departments if they arrested these revolutionaries. Elected officials released police officers' personal addresses to revolutionaries, threatening these police officers' wives and children.

    They fully intend to put Americans on lockdown if they start the next phase of their revolution. Millions of Americans would be tortured and murdered in their nice sub-urban homes, even in gated communities. They plan to section off neighborhoods and town squares with barbed wire and chain link fences, guarded by armed foreign and domestic revolutionaries.

    They plan to go door to door confiscating weapons, rounding up citizens, and shooting them en masse, and house fellow revolutionaries and illegal aliens in victims houses. They will do unthinkably worse that I have spelled out in radio interviews nearly 20 years ago. I believe that many Democrats and RINO Republicans have already paved the way. I have been sounding the alarm for a long time. I have been patiently waiting for Donald Trump to become president to drain the swamp.

    In my opinion, these are some of the reasons why Donald Trump will organize the largest deportation operation this country has ever seen, slam the border shut, and root these foreign and domestic enemies out of the fabric of America. Also, these are some of the reasons why I believe that the Communistic leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans are doing everything they can to imprison Donald Trump and keep him from running for president again.

    In closing, I would like to quote Tucker Carlson, who said at the Turning Point Action Conference on July 16, 2023, "The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become."

    So again, I unreservedly, without hesitation, and with sincerity and anticipation of great things to come, enthusiastically endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America in 2024. Please join me as we "Make American Great Again!"

Dr. James F. Linzey is a Southern Baptist Convention minister. He has appeared on CBS, Trinity broadcasting Network, Daystar, Christian Broadcasting Network, NPR, the Vision Channel through Sky Digital across Europe, God's Learning Chanel, Angel One, Far East Broadcasting Company, and other networks and stations. He is a retired US Army chaplain with the rank of Major, former television host of Operation Freedom, commentator, author, recording artist, movie actor, and Bible translator. Dr. Linzey was the first full time chaplain for the Leader's Training Course under the US Army Cadet Command at Fort Knox, KY, wrote one of the four official institutional military prayers in American history, served at White Sands Missile Range, and was one of the few chaplains to max out the Army Physical Fitness Test with a perfect score of 300 and received the APFT Excellence Award. Dr. Linzey is a speaker for churches, conferences and conventions. He is 64 years old, a proud son of Chaplain Stanford E. Linzey, Jr., and Dr. Verna Hall Linzey, has never been married, and seeks a godly woman who desires to be a pastor's wife.    

SOURCE Dr. James F. Linzey,

CONTACT:  760-855-3905, vlinzey@aol.com

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