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Obama's Views on Iran are 'Utterly Immature,' Says French President

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OPINION, October 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Plummeting oil prices have devastated Iran's economy. Its president has suddenly fallen ill.  Its lawmakers are so tense they've come to physical blows.

The next American president will face an increasingly turbulent Iran that is poised to go nuclear. The stakes for America and Israel could not be higher.

Yet French President Nicolas Sarkozy regards Senator Obama's position on Iran as "utterly immature" and consisting of "formulations empty of all content."  According to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, President Sarkozy "has made his criticisms only in closed forums in France," based on his impressions after meeting Obama in July.

Obama has called Iran a "tiny" country that does not "pose a serious threat to us."  He has offered to personally meet Iran's leaders without preconditions, despite their vows to annihilate Israel. And he opposes legislation that would label Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, also opposed the terrorist designation for the Revolutionary Guard and has a long history of urging a détente with Iran.

The New Republic reported in October, 2001, that Biden's initial response after the attacks of September 11 was to "send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran."

Perhaps that is why Sarkozy reportedly worries that Obama might "arrogantly" ignore America's allies and open a unilateral negotiation with Iran.