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Waters Calls for New Flag Honoring Black Americans
Waters introduces Black Woman to State Flag: "Flag not based on theory, but truth."

Waters for Delegate
Oct. 3, 2023

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 3, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Matt Waters, GOP nominee for newly created Virginia House District 70, called for the Virginia State Seal and Flag to be modified to include an African American woman.

Waters said, "I have always thought our Virginia flag, featuring a female figure personifying the Roman virtue of Virtus was lacking. Unlike Black Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson who could not define what a woman is, our flag can and should do so. And I'm not the first to say so. In fact, acknowledging that the state seal lacked "artistic grace and beauty," and more specifically that the seal looked like a man, back in 1901 the secretary of the commonwealth decided to expose a breast in order to confirm the image on our flag was a woman. That didn't solve the problem, and some would argue it made the situation worse as we're the only flag in the union to have nudity on it. We can fix both problems by adding an African American woman to our flag who looks like a woman at first glance, and who is fully clothed.

"The addition of an African American woman to our state seal would make Virginia the first state in the union to feature an African American. There are many white Americans, and many Native Americans, but no African Americans.

"Make no mistake, this flag is not based on Critical Race Theory. It is based on truth. The first Patriot to die for our freedom was a freed-black man Crispus Attucks, at the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. After his death, over 5,000 Black Patriots fought in the Revolutionary War to procure our Independence from Great Britain. Black Americans fought against tyranny, and it's only fitting to recognize their great contributions in the fight for liberty.

"Adding an image of a Black woman representing Virtue defeating Tyranny--symbolized by the Royal Crown of Great Britain laying, defeated, under Virtue, highlights the contributions Black Americans made to the birth of the Republic."

Matt Waters added, "The rendition I have offered is only a starting point. Unlike the immoral take down of statues on Monument Avenue and National Statuary Hall in Washington, as well as the partisan political attacks on VMI and our local Community Colleges, I will seek the input of Virginians before any change is made on our state seal and flag, or any monument or college. I believe the people of Virginia should have an opportunity to weigh in. Let the people decide."
Matt Waters is the Republican Nominee for newly created House District 70 in Newport News, VA. Waters is running against Del. Shelly Simonds (D). For more information contact 757-713-2594 or visit MattWaters.com.

SOURCE Waters for Delegate

CONTACT: 757-713-2594