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Author Claims Return of Christ Tied to Nuclear War and Three Days of Darkness

Contact: Michael Fortner, 580-357-1388, okmedia@gmail.com


LAWTON, Okla., May 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Journalist, historian, and Bible prophecy author, Michael D. Fortner has released his latest book, "The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness." In his new book, he claims that a multi-nation nuclear war will take place at the end of WW3, followed shortly by an asteroid impact, both of which will cover the world with dark clouds and threaten to bring nuclear/cosmic winter.


He says the world will be in complete darkness for three days, during which Christ will return and burn up the black clouds with fire from heaven. In this way, Christ will save the world from self-destruction, even though the fire will also kill many people. The nuclear war and asteroid impact will also create poison air that will kill more people than WW3.


He arrived at his thesis by analyzing many prophecies inside and outside the Bible, including the Book of Enoch, Sibylline Oracles, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and even Catholic and Protestant prophecies. He pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle.


One of the important things he discovered is how God will send fire from heaven, from a small second sun that will appear in the sky some weeks or months beforehand. Fortner presents many prophecies that speak of this second sun, going all the way back to the Erythraean Sibyl.


He says the appearance of the small second sun will be the "wonders" in the sky that the prophet Joel said will come before the Day of the Lord. Fortner says the second sun will first come close enough to earth to dry up lakes and rivers, such as the Euphrates River, said to dry up in Rev. 16. It will be one of the things that cause "men's hearts [to] fail them for fear" when they look up into the sky, which Jesus spoke about in Luke 21.


This second sun will change colors, being blue and later when it burns Earth, it will be red. It is the Blue and Red Star Kachina of Hopi prophecy, Fortner says.


He further says those three days of total darkness has long been prophesied, referred to simply as the "Three Days of Darkness." He says the darkness is mentioned many times in the Bible as occurring during the Wrath of God, though not stated as lasting only three days.


He says Christ will return during the Three Days of Darkness to judge the world, destroying the goat-nations (Matthew 25) with fire from the second sun, earthquake, poison air, hail, asteroids, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.


Fortner not only gives prophecies, but also scientific evidence to support his claims about nuclear war and asteroid impacts creating darkness and poison air. He says the poison air is not directly stated in the Bible but occurs when the angel pours out the 7th Bowl of Wrath into the air, in Rev. 16, with the seventh and final Bowl of Wrath.


He even claims that Oral Roberts had a vision of a nuclear explosion over America, but that Oral did not know what he saw. After the explosion, Oral saw clouds spread out over America and then the whole world. Oral says God told him that, "the second coming is the most fatal thing next on the horizon."


Fortner says his book was written for Christians, because many will repent too late to make the Rapture and will need to know this information if they want to survive the Wrath of God, so they can live in the Kingdom of God on Earth after the return of Christ.


Sample chapters are available on his website, www.usbibleprophecy.com. Contact him for review copies or interviews at okmedia@gmail.com.