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6th Annual Worldwide Waves of Praise Movement Set for Christmas Day
A New Family Tradition -- In Your Own Homes at 3pm in Your Time Zone
Contact: Patty Thomas, 615-491-2723
NASHVILLE, Dec. 21, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Patty Thomas (photo), Founder of The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry announces the 6th Annual Worldwide Waves Of Praise movement. The event is held on Christmas Day when it turns 3pm in each time zone across the earth. Families and friends gather in their own homes to give God Glory, Honor and Praise. Let people take time to remember the Real Gift of God's Precious Son. Over the years it will become a treasured family tradition, with both young and old participating.
When the clock strikes 3:00 pm in each time zone, another "Wave of Praise" begins. Like a "wave" that people do in a stadium, the Waves of Praise travels from time zone to time zone until it has gone all the way around the earth.
24 Hours Of Continual Praise, Rising To Heaven In Wave After Wave.
Many have spoken of honoring Jesus Christ on "Christ"-mas, and of moving away from commercialism. The "Waves Of Praise" is one very simple but effective way of "Putting Christ back in Christmas."
How you praise, and how long you praise is a gift from your hearts. Ideas are presented at the website.
This simple idea began in 2010. In 2014, people from 193 countries participated, yet less than $300 was spent over the first five years of this movement to get the word out. (Patty has stayed behind the scenes working on the 'Waves Of Praise" since its inception. The movement is about God, not about this ministry or Patty. )
We hope people invite their neighbors, the elderly and alone. Little churches in Africa have opened their doors for this event. We need help getting this to hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, prisons and other institutions, churches and missionaries. People need hope; no matter how large their problems seem, God is Bigger. We hope they will gather people together for their 3:00 time slot for praise and worship.
The movement has spread through radio, social media, email and word of mouth. Patty asks people to share this with family, friends and social networks, especially those in foreign countries.
Please, no santa claus songs. He's gotten all the credit and he's not even real.
Come join in and be a part of this event. It's not just a "good idea," it's a "God Idea."