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The Chrisagis Brothers -- The Real Deal in Christian Music

Chrisagis Brothers Ministries
July 6, 2021
YORKVILLE, Ohio, July 6, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Creative... talented... authentic... genuine... filled with integrity... the real deal... class acts... are just a few words that describe The Chrisagis Brothers. They are identical twins who have survived a devastating life-threatening disease when they were born, allergic to almost everything. The Chrisagis Twins were like kids in a bubble but the Lord healed them and they are truly witnesses for Him.
Their story was penned by both Brothers in an autobiography "A Legacy of Love." Known as the dynamic duo in Christian Music the brothers, Brian and Shawn, have been in ministry for 35 years. They have had their own TV series for kids teaching morals and values called The Good News Network with 200 puppet characters. They also created their own children's books and adorable plush toy-line.
Since then the brothers have become the biggest duo in Christian music with 12 CDs to their names that have racked up a lot of award nominations, plus won a few as well. They were the first Christian Artists to be on MTV, Candid Camera, and they have been featured on every Christian TV network and was a Holiday feature on Channel 7 News each year with holiday specials that were syndicated world-wide.
The Brothers were also featured in magazines like Soap Digest, The Enquirer, Star Magazine for their ministry to Hollywood stars... The Chrisagis' were featured in "Most Eligible" as two of the handsome men in the United States and they have been in demand ever since with a TV reality pilot for A&E called "Saved By The Brothers" and one for Pureflix called "Double Occupancy" which was a sit-com. The Chrisagis' had their own radio show called "It's A God Thing" that was very successful and YouTube channel that had over 500 videos but that came to an end when a coven of witches went after them and hacked into their YouTube account deleted all the Brothers' videos.
The Chrisagis Brothers, before Covid-19, were in every state and with the release of their latest CD called "Let Heaven Overflow." This new CD already has been critically acclaimed for powerful songs that the brothers have become known to bring on all their recordings. They feel people follow them because the Word of God that is evident in each song they do no matter the style of the song; if it be a ballad, a rock song or a soulful song, that their messages are never compromised but minister love, hope, and healing to all.
We try to be real and we think that is why people believe in us because we aren't phonies, we truly do love people and care about them. The Brothers visit hospitals, homeless shelters, and shelters for abused women and children. They make themselves available to minister wherever they can and have even gotten involved with suicide hotlines. The Brothers believe that as Christians you have to be Jesus with skin on to people. Action is much better than just words. Shawn and Brian believe that people are hungry for true love that only comes through Jesus.

You may ask what is next for the twin brothers who have worked with the hottest Hollywood legends and the biggest award-winning Christian music artists? Well they love creating, the twins have created a woman's conference with Hollywood actresses, Legends events and now it looks as if they will be taking over TV air-waves with some new projects and hopefully some movies in the near future.

SOURCE Chrisagis Brothers Ministries
CONTACT: Lynda Sullivan, 304-650-0425