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Pro-Life Activist Community Says Hearings on Planned Parenthood Not Enough to Address Concerns About that Organization
Activist leaders will call for republican leadership not to fund Planned Parenthood in Continuing Resolution vote this week.
Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741; Mark Harrington, 614-419-9000; Michele Hendrickson, 443-326-6772
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Speaker John Boehner announced a select House Committee to begin investigating Planned Parenthood over the weekend.
Groups will discuss their concerns at a news conference on Tuesday, September 29, at 9:00 A.M. in front of the Rayburn House Office Building on Independence Ave. SW.
News Conference Details---
When:  9:00 AM, Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Where: In front of the Rayburn House Office Building, Independence Ave. SW; Washington, DC
Who:  Pro-life activist groups
The news conference will take place before Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, is testifies before a House Oversight Committee.
Activists rip House republican leadership for planning to vote for Planned Parenthood funding after holding a vote to defund them.
Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition, states;
"Like Benghazi and the IRS, it appears republican House leadership's answer to critical issues facing our nation is to call for endless hearings which produce little or no results. That is now what is happening with Planned Parenthood.
"We don't need hearings to uncover what know Planned Parenthood to be. That is; the largest abortion provider in the world where women have died and thousands injured from botched abortions, they don't provide mammograms at any of their clinics, they treat women as commodity, they traffic in baby parts and were founded by a racist.
"Republican leadership doesn't need to have more hearings. They simply need to allocate the $520,000,000 that had been designated to Planned Parenthood and give it to health clinics that provide complete and comprehensive health care to women.
"Not one penny of taxpayer money should be given to Planned Parenthood ever again.
"For republican leadership to have a public vote calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and then during around and giving them $520,000,000 in taxpayer dollars through the continuing resolution (CR), is political cynicism at its worst."
Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal and Co-Sponsor of #protestpp which held protests of Planned Parenthood in 353 cities, adds;
"Speaker Boehner's resignation was spun as a spontaneous decision. However, it appears like it was planned to undercut the attempts of principled representatives in the House to create a real fight over not funding PP.
"This is the kind of politics as usual that the American people are sick and tired of and this doesn't help the GOP's prospects in 2016 to gain the White House. This maneuver will eventually hurt the GOP in the long run.   Despite these apparently realities, we are calling on speaker Boehner to leave a legacy of justice for the preborn and lead his party in defunding Planned Parenthood. Whatever the outcome, we will never rest until the preborn are protected."
Michele Hendrickson, Capitol Area Regional for Students for Life, concludes;
"We will be asking Cecile Richards to defend the gruesome practices and crimes her staff has committed on camera. The world has now seen openly how Planned Parenthood truly operates and we deserve an answer.
"It is obvious to anyone who takes the time to explore these videos, that not one penny of taxpayer money should fund criminal actions."
For more information or interviews call:
Rev. Patrick Mahoney at: 540.538.4741
Mark Harrington at: 614.419.9000
Michele Hendrickson at: 443.326.6772