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Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk Tina Peters and Grassroots Activist Sherronna Bishop Claim Election Records are Being Destroyed

Truth & Liberty Coalition
Sept. 23, 2021

WOODLAND PARK, Colo., Sept. 23, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk Tina Peters and grassroots activist Sherronna Bishop shared an explosive revelation on the Monday, Sept. 20, episode of the Truth & Liberty Coalition livecast, regarding the destruction of important voting records.

Peters stated that Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, and Dominion Voting Systems personnel deleted tens of thousands of files from the county's vote tabulation machine.

Peters and Bishop contend the destruction of records is a violation of laws requiring officials to maintain election records for 22 months under federal law and 25 months under state law. Griswold announced, just months after the disputed 2020 election, that her office would be doing a "software update" on all the voting machines in the state. Peters said that many people in her county had been approaching her with concerns about irregularities in the 2020 election.
When the Griswold-Dominion software update was announced, Peters became concerned that important records could be permanently destroyed. Peters took action to preserve the records by having a mirror image of the machine's hard drive created before the so-called update. After the update by Griswold and Dominion, conducted May 25-26, Peters also had a copy made of the new hard drive. Now she has before and after images of the drive.

Peters commissioned a forensic analysis of the two images by cyber experts and has produced their initial report to the Mesa County Board of Commissioners.

The expert report concludes that approximately 29,000 files were erased, including "695 log and event files necessary for the determination of election integrity." Peters told Truth and Liberty that the erased records include ballot adjudication logs and communication logs that could potentially show improper online or wireless access of the machine by third parties.

"Virtually all electronic data that would be necessary to conduct a full forensic audit of the 2020 election was deleted," said Peters. "Destroying election records before the 25 and 22 months [required by Colorado and federal authorities, respectively] is in violation of law – it's criminal."

Peters maintains that her legal duty as the official Clerk and Recorder of Mesa County was to preserve the records and in doing so, help protect our constitutional right to free and fair elections.

According to Bishop, similar software updates are taking place in counties across Colorado, and the nation – without backup files being made for forensic audits.

"This is one county of 64 in Colorado," said Bishop. "Only one clerk thought ahead to do something like this, and so, in the other counties there's no way to prove what has happened there [in the 2020 election]."

According to the expert report delivered by Peters to the Mesa County Board of Commissioners:

"Forensic examination found that election records . . . have been destroyed by Mesa County's voting system vendor and the Colorado Secretary of State's office. Because similar system modifications were reportedly performed upon county election servers across the state, it is possible, if not likely, that such data destruction in violation of state and federal law has occurred in numerous other counties.

"The extent and manner of destruction of the data comprising these election records is consequential, precluding the possibility of any comprehensive forensic audit of the conduct of any involved election. This documented destruction also undermines the conclusion that these Colorado voting systems . . . could meet the requirements of Colorado and federal law . . ."

According to Richard Harris, executive director of Truth & Liberty Coalition, "If Secretary of State Griswold deleted digital records related to the 2020 election without making full and accurate copies in advance, she (and anyone knowingly assisting her) has betrayed the trust of the people of Colorado. Instead of persecuting Clerk Peters for blowing the whistle on the potentially criminal activity, prosecutors at the state and federal level should immediately open investigations and prosecute all violations of the legal duty to preserve those records."

The Truth & Liberty Coalition encourages concerned citizens to contact their local, county, state, and federal officials to stop any possible destruction of election records in their communities. Citizens should tell county clerks to make images of election machine servers, demand district attorneys and the federal Justice Department begin criminal investigations and tell state legislators to support stronger election integrity laws.

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