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New Video Series Offers Biblical Cure for Injustice Amid Mass Shootings, Political Turmoil in U.S.
"Biblical Justice: Answers for Difficult Days" Releases June 29, featuring well-known ministry leaders

Christians Engaged
June 27, 2023

RICHARDSON, Texas, June 27, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- More than 310 mass shootings in the U.S. this year – that is more shootings than days so far in 2023. And the nation's unprecedented political turmoil is leading to a new quest for answers from an ancient source – the Bible.

"Like so many Americans, I'm grieved by the tragic events we see unfolding around us, and it's painful to see humans attacking each other," said Ben Quine, co-producer of the new eight-part video series [Watch promo here] "Biblical Justice: Answers for Difficult Days," releasing June 29. "When evil strikes, it awakens us to do something."

Quine hopes the new video series will provoke renewed understanding of biblical justice and virtue, constructive discussion, and fervent prayer for the nation at a time when investigations and indictments of elected officials are headlining the news, and the application of the law is being unevenly applied in even the highest offices.

The writer and producer, who serves as director of curriculum and strategic ministry partnerships for Christians Engaged, collaborated with President Bunni Pounds, the former Texas congressional candidate and consultant who founded the non-partisan group in 2019, to produce Biblical Justice. As co-hosts of the video series, they aim to show how "God's biblical principles of justice and transformed hearts are the ultimate cure for injustice."

Cure For Injustice?
The video series tackles difficult issues surrounding justice, including equality, reparations, borders, taxes, sanctity of life, and self-defense. "Many people ask, 'If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why doesn't He stop human suffering?'" Quine said.

Pounds offered, "God is the King, who gives humans the choice to choose good or evil. He doesn't force anyone into obedience, but through the Gospel He has provided the antidote for injustice."

The video series also features insights from well-known ministry leaders, including David Barton, Wall Builders; Kerby Anderson, Probe Ministries; Stuart Greaves, International House of Prayer in Kansas City; the Hon. Scott Turner and Dr. Jeremiah Johnston, Prestonwood Baptist Church; Kyle Lance Martin, Time to Revive; Matt Lockett, Justice House of Prayer, Bound4Life, and Dream Stream Company; Will Ford, 818TheSign and Dream Stream Company; Lea Patterson, First Liberty Institute; and Seth Young, attorney.

Resolving Confusion
Anderson, president of Probe Ministries, said he believes this series will help resolve confusion "at a time when many Christians are talking about 'biblical justice,' and then we hear [increasing calls for] 'social justice.'"

And Barton, president of Wall Builders, shows how "biblical principles are enshrined in our nation's founding documents," claiming 92 percent of the sources cited by the founders when writing the U.S. Constitution were derived from the Bible or biblical philosophers.

"Right now, there's a deficit of Bible-minded people in the U.S.," Barton said, citing statistics that only 9 percent of Christians read the Bible regularly, and a staggeringly low 6 percent of Christians hold what he describes as the Biblical Worldview.

Pounds said, "God's principles are the only foundation that can rescue a culture from destruction. We must understand the basis of justice and virtue comes solely from the Word of God."

About Christians Engaged
Christians Engaged, a 501(C)(3), was founded by Bunni Pounds, a Bible teacher and former political consultant who ran for Congress in 2018. Since 2020, Christians Engaged has served over 125 churches, has educated more than 1,650 people through in-person, Zoom, and on-demand video classes, and they currently have over 100,000 Christians in their voter communication system. This national ministry has produced a myriad of free content, including books, articles, prayer calls, and podcasts, to educate the church on the importance of its biblical call to pray, vote, and engage for the wellbeing of America. For information, visit

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