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Raising the Alarm Over False Conversion
New Spiritual Guide:  Aims to Help Christians Discern Their Spiritual Status and Embark on True Conversion

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SINGAPORE, ‎July 3, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Author Alfred Chong offers an important exhortation for the global Christian community in his book, "Raising the Alarm over False Conversion." He offers explanations as to why professing Christians are unknowingly clinging to false hope, and what the Christian community can do to seek true conversion.

Review of e-book, "Raising the Alarm over False Conversion" for Readers' Favorite
Reviewed by Scott Albert
Rating: 5.0 stars

This nonfiction text, written by Alfred Chong, is an argument that forces Christians to re-examine their beliefs. While he does make certain assumptions about the reading level of his audience by writing lines like, ". . . very important exhortation for the global Christian community. Millions of professing Christians have been misled and are unknowingly living under the delusion of false conversion," which can come off as a little high-brow to some, in this reader's opinion, the message is not lost amongst the lofty verbiage. The author introduces concepts and states that many Christians have been living under a "false conversion" which makes me wonder why he hasn't chosen a vocabulary more aptly targeted to a wider audience.

Overall, I found that Chong makes a sound argument, stating a number of scriptural references as evidence for his claims. This text will get readers to ask themselves some very probing questions while taking a look at what the church has done to its own detriment. Chong states that Christians who fail to act, or who simply turn a blind-eye to the situation he outlines in his book, are adding to the already out of control situation. His definition of the two forms of conversion, the true and the false, seem to reach out to those who have felt this change in their faith and want to do something about it. His book is formatted well and is visually and mentally engaging. A must read for anyone who senses the importance of hearing and understanding the true meaning of the Gospel.

"Raising the Alarm over False Conversion" is published exclusively in e-book format by eBookIt.com and is available from popular online retailers, including Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Apple's iBookstore.