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'400% Higher Risk of Suicide within 12 Months of Abortion' -- Time is Running Out to Get this Type of Hidden Information Freely Online

Contact: B. Keith Neely, 416-464-0445, www.woundedandabandoned.com 


TORONTO, Canada, Oct. 6, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- There is just over a week left (October 18) to get the physical and emotional health risks information freely online in a documentary that plainly and compellingly tells the story. This is extremely important because women who know the health risks avoid abortion: Every Right-to-Know law is fought by the abortion industry.


The producer of Wounded and Abandoned, B. Keith Neely, has slashed the original request and is asking for just $25,000 to hire a young video editor to 1-- optimize the documentary for "Generation Z" (under 18) and to 2-- guarantee that the entire production will be free and online.


Neely is "astounded that in our internet era, the proof of women being hurt- even killed- by abortion is being called "myths and lies", while at the same time court cases with judges and juries- are carefully examining that proof and saying- 'yes these risks of abortion are true'."


He is not aware of any health risks video that meets the need: 1, Is comprehensive, 2, crisp and compelling, 3, medical expert approved, 4, in short segments for cell phones, 5, is fully and freely online.


Neely says this is vitally important, "Where does a woman, unexpectedly pregnant, look for information she can trust about the health risks of abortion? If she is part of 'Generation Z', she has grown up with a video screen in her hand and gets the information she wants when she wants it on the internet. If she knows of a nearby crisis pregnancy center she might Google "CPC" and select "Wikipedia". Tragically she would read phrases such as "false information", "deceptive business practices", "heavy-handed", "misleading advertising", "inaccurate medical information", "religious proselytism" etc.


Neely adds that "It is not enough to state the facts of 8 physical and 8 emotional risks. Wounded and Abandoned walks the viewer through why and how the facts of the health risks are skewed and twisted obscuring the truth". It adds new HD animation to reveal the hidden damage of induced abortion. And perhaps most important -- something that cannot be demeaned -- is the court affidavit signed Victim Impact Statement testimony of 7 post abortion women- and a man. Their horrific yet commonplace stories, including rape, are of how ordinary people were deceived into a "simple" solution that they regret to this day. Now you can hear their stories: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwcoqyaoOrc

Website: www.woundedandabandoned.com, fundraising