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College Students Can Increase Focus for Spiritual Growth

Contact: Joanne Levine, 847-327-9530; www.mycollegeplanningteam.com 

WHEATON, Ill., Nov. 19, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- College-bound students should look at their evolving lives through a spiritual lens. There are four areas that deserve examination: relational, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

In Luke 2:52 we find these words: "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Here, it is stated that Jesus, Himself, grew in wisdom (which we would term emotional or cognitive development) and in stature (physical development), and in favor with God (spiritual development) and man (relational development).

As college-bound students take steps into the future, it will serve them to continually evaluate these areas of their lives through a spiritual lens

Relational growth concerns how we manage our relationships. Family, friends, coworkers, a boyfriend or girlfriend, roommates, and classmates are just a few relationships. The value students place on their relationships may be too high or too low.

As students prepare for the leap from high school to college, emotions run high and low. Transitions, first impressions, leaving the familiar for the unknown…all can have an impact on emotions.

Taking care of their bodies may be one of the biggest areas of neglect in the life of college-bound students. We can joke about the "freshman fifteen" or the lack of sleep, but these things can play a significant role in a student's overall health. We can encourage students to take advantage of gyms, sports, and parks.

With many things clamoring for attention, it becomes easy to forget about nurturing spiritual health. Inspiring students to identify what helps them focus on God, to learn His purpose, and to worship Him will enable them to strengthen their relationship with Him.

College-bound students can experience holistic personal growth by 'checking in' with these areas of their lives. These are simple tools for 'cleaning the lenses' and clearly seeing the life God has designed for us.

Bret Koontz has spent his career serving students and families in non-denominational churches. Bret has held ministry roles with churches in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois. Bret was a pastor in the Chicago suburbs where he led a ministry of a few hundred students and leaders. He was also the visionary leader for student ministries, where he oversaw the ministry development at 13 church locations. He is the Director of Spiritual Development for My College Planning Team based in Wheaton, IL. www.mycollegeplanningteam.com

Interview idea: Brad Kootz