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Catholic Chemistry Launches Humorous Videos About Catholic Dating
Contact: Chuck Gallucci, CatholicChemistry.com, 209-782-8261, chuck@catholicchemistry.com

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 9, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- CatholicChemistry.com, a new Catholic dating website, launched a series of humorous videos this weekend that parody awkward dating situations familiar to Catholic singles, already garnering tens of thousands of views.

"Underneath the humor, I think these videos are resonating with single Catholics because they both validate their frustration with the dating experience and affirm them in their desire to hold to standards," says Chuck Gallucci, owner and lead developer at Catholic Chemistry. "That's part of our goal at CatholicChemistry.com: to encourage our members to embrace their faith while also taking off the pressure many feel while searching for a spouse."

One video in the series ends with a woman's date drenched in a glob of spaghetti after commenting about the "flying spaghetti monster."

"We knew we likely only had one shot at filming the spaghetti hitting his face," said Brandon Manderson, who co-directed the videos with Gallucci, commenting on the difficulty of filming the spaghetti shot. "In our first attempt, the spaghetti barely skimmed the top of his head, leaving our actor unscathed and allowing us one more chance." The crew nailed the following attempt, however, and produced a hilarious shot for the scene.

The other videos similarly portray awkward dating scenarios with unexpected and comical endings. Nick Chamberlain of NCC Audio, who mastered the final audio, said of the video series, "The theme here is, 'No you're not crazy, you're just not doing dating right.'"

"Do Dating Right: Start with Catholic Chemistry" is the tagline of the video campaign. For a limited time, Catholic Chemistry is offering new members a free 1-month upgrade.

The embeddable videos can be found on Facebook or on CatholicChemistry.com at:



For media inquiries:
PR Contact Name: Chuck Gallucci
Phone number: (209) 782-8261
Email: chuck@catholicchemistry.com
Website: www.catholicchemistry.com