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The Miraculous Identity: Unveiling Your Hidden Journey Will Begin its Tour on Saturday, October 27, 2018, at Cloud 9 Worship Center, San Diego, California
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SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 5, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the age of social media identity culture, Miraculous Identity guides the reader through overcoming the self-comparison lifestyle and the jarring effect of consistent anxiety that blankets America through their instant access to the next best thing. Read the latest exclusive interview with Linda Breitman on Politichicks.com.

"As I began writing Miraculous Identity, I wanted readers to know that I am not only a cancer survivor, a widow, and a life coach, but I am the victim of Identity theft and needles of anxiety that hides itself in work life, family life, our bank accounts and our church communities, the identity theft of comparison, approval, and recognition. Our identity is purged through the lens of social media today and the endless comparisons are our identity theft. We as a culture need to step back into the realm of our identity intended by our creator," stated Linda Breitman.

Breitman continued, "The news headlines and the over-arching message from the news cycle are that of fear, desperation, depression, how to help our children with school anxiety, how to overcome addiction, how to overcome the feelings of depression and the pains of anxiety.

"My goal through my new book, 'Miraculous Identity' is to unveil the life we were intended to have... the life of freedom, the journey of adventure, the nourishment, and salve for our souls through the activation methods I designed to have a deeper relationship in our faith, our families, and our communities."

Breitman concluded, "As you begin this new season, whether it be the most joyous time in your life or the deepest, darkest place you have ever experienced, you will find life and a river of flowing water in this new study sequel. I have provided multiple applications for you to discover the new journey, the destiny already planned for your life."

Breitman's sequel to "The Real You" released in 2013 and endorsed by Graham Cooke and Bill Yount, was recognized by churches, women's groups, book clubs, ministries, and schools nationwide.

Linda Breitman, a nationally recognized force behind women's groups, faith-based ministries, and church-based Bible Studies is the author of The Real You and her new book, Miraculous Identity: Unveiling Your Hidden Journey. Miraculous Identity is available at Amazon.com. For more information about Miraculous Identity please visit: www.lindabreitman.com.