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While Stanton is Disappointed with the Supreme Court's Decision in 'Moyle v. United States,' it Does Not Change Our Mission of Supporting and Standing with the Women of Idaho Who are Facing Unexpected Pregnancies

Stanton Public Policy Center  
June 27, 2024

WASHINGTON, June 27, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stanton remains committed to ending abortion abuse, serving women with unexpected pregnancies and making abortion unthinkable.

Stanton Public Policy Center is a women's advocacy and educational group working on issues of human rights and justice which empower and inspire women. It is affiliated with Stanton Healthcare, a women's life-affirming medical clinic that has AAAHC (https://www.aaahc.org/) third party accreditation, and specializes in serving women with unexpected pregnancies by providing professional medical care, practical and emotional support, women's wellness care and a special outreach to refugees and the marginalized.

Stanton Healthcare, based in Idaho, has life-affirming medical clinics in the United States and internationally.

Brandi Swindell, Founder and CEO of Stanton Public Policy Center, comments about the Supreme Court's decision:

    "While we are disappointed with the Supreme Court's decision today, the vision and work of Stanton remains the same. That is: to make sure every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy has access to life-affirming quality medical care, compassionate resources, tangible support, and hope. This is especially true for minority and underserved communities.

    "Regardless of how the Supreme Court ruled, Stanton remains passionate about ending 'abortion abuse.' Abortion on demand has created an undue burden on millions of women who are often pressured into unwanted and forced abortions. This occurs most often by someone they trust, which is typical of other forms of abuse. At Stanton, we stand with women, and we believe their stories. Abortion trauma is real. Abortion abuse needs to stop.

    "Our message is clear: forced, coerced, or pressured abortions are abusive and criminal. We will ensure that the full weight of the law is upheld to protect women, prevent forced abortions, and end abortion abuse and trafficking.

    "Stanton will not rest until abortion becomes unthinkable and abortion abuse comes to an end in our nation."

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SOURCE Stanton Public Policy Center