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Why are White People so Stupid?

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Feb. 3, 2023

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a new Pew Research Center survey:

    There is something wrong with white people. Not all of them, but certainly the ones who have stayed in school the longest. I didn't say the most well educated—I said the ones who stayed in school the longest.

    Biology 101 tells us that the father determines the sex of his child. Not the mother—just the father. And it most certainly is not "assigned at birth," which is why expecting parents can be told of the sex of their child before he or she is born.

    This needs to be said, over and over again, because white people—and I am not talking about blue collar workers—are the dumbest on this subject. No demographic group is smarter than blacks.

    The Pew Research Center recently published a new survey titled, "Black Democrats Differ From Other Democrats In Their Views On Gender Identity, Transgender Issues," that is enlightening. When asked if our sex is determined at birth, 60 percent of Americans agree that it is; 38 percent say it can be different. Among whites the figures are 27 percent and 72 percent, respectively. Among blacks, the breakdown is almost the reverse: 66 percent and 33 percent.

    Why are whites the stupidest? The answer is obvious: there is nothing about race that makes someone smart or stupid, but there is something about the college experience—and whites are much more likely to go to college—that impairs the ability to think independently. Quite frankly, many students have been intellectually raped by their professors.

    The survey analysts who work at Pew have also stayed in school for a long time. This explains why, despite their excellent research skills, they do not exhibit independent thought.

    In this survey, they did not ask if one's sex is determined at birth. They asked whether the respondents believed sex is "assigned at birth" or whether it "can be different from sex assigned at birth." Looks like they've been intellectually raped as well.

    Given that the colleges are big on diversity and inclusion, it would be great if they hired blacks of college age who are not in school to offer training seminars to college students on how to think independent of their professors. My choice to run the seminars would be Dave Chappelle.

SOURCE Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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