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Gay Agenda Influencing the NCAA and USA Track and Field, Both Headquartered in Indianapolis
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956
MADISON, Wisc., March 31, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ --  The NCAA and USA Track and Field, both based in Indianapolis, are joining protests against the new Indiana law that protects the freedoms of Christians and others.
The NCAA and USATF organizations are following the gay agenda that is sweeping the United States. Less than 2% of the population is gay according to the Center for Disease Control, however, their influence is propelled by the liberal media.
The Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed by Indiana is the same law that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama approved of, plus the same law is in 19 other states. The law protects people from being forced to do things their conscious does not allow.
"If the current trends continue, Christian businesses, churches, and non-profits will be in deep trouble, including sports and college ministries," says 4 Winds Christian Athletics sports minister Steve McConkey. "As Christians we are to put Christ first and stand up respectfully as we voice Biblical standards while we have the freedom to do so."
Steve McConkey is the President of 4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS). Steve and his wife started working in world-class track and field ministries in 1981. 4 WINDS was formed in 1988 and expanded to all sports in 2014. Steve regularly appears on worldwide radio and is frequently quoted in articles throughout the world.
"Again, we see the gay agenda and the liberal media working hand-in-hand to create hysteria over a law that protects Christians," states McConkey. "Christians are to obey the government in matters where there are no clear Biblical violations. However, we are to obey God first when it comes to issues like abortion and homosexuality."
In 2003, McConkey fought the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for allowing transgenders in the Olympics. Then, he fought the United States Olympic Committee's LGBT policies in 2013 and the IOC for the same policies in 2014, as he believes that Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin will be discriminated against.
There are many Christians that oppose the homosexual agenda. Last week, the National Black Church Initiative, which represents 34,000 churches from 15 denominations, has severed ties with the Presbyterian Church USA after they recognized same sex couples.
Steve has a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University with honors and a BS-Public Health from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Steve operates Big Planet Watch and Track and Field Report at BigPlanetWatch.com.