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Founder of REUP Men's Movement Leads Men into Biblical Manhood; Introduces One of a Kind Platform for Men to Engage and Connect

REUP Men's Movement
Aug. 7, 2023

NASHVILLE, Aug. 7, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Founder of REUP Men's Movement, an organization dedicated to addressing a crucial need within the modern church, Tim Brown has spent years cultivating bold and compassionate men who embrace their roles as leaders in their homes and devoted servants of the church through his organization. Throughout his life, Tim has found himself in leadership positions and careers that placed him around other men. From childhood athletics to being a clerk in a men's store during his high school and college years to owning his own men's clothing store, Tim has spent days on end speaking and engaging with men in our society.

Over time, Tim noticed a pattern. Many of the men he found himself around would pour their hearts out to him concerning stresses in their work, worries over family, or fears that their life was meaningless. Knowing that so many men found themselves needing to confide in a stranger, Tim launched REUP. From Tim's unwavering passion for guiding men towards biblical manhood, REUP was created to be an environment that nurtures personal growth and community engagement among men, achieving remarkable success stories of transformation and empowerment as individuals discover their true potential and embrace their God-given roles.

"The difference in REUP and other attempts to build men is the structure of getting initial commitments from men and then having a structure to keep men in the structure so God can do what only He can do," says Tim. "The constant focus on taking men to Him and the accountability that is involved creates a belief that there can be excellence in a man's relationship with the Lord. REUP believes one man pursuing His heart can make a difference."

Tim is available for interviews and can speak to:

  • How to reach men today
  • What the church gets wrong about men today
  • Built to last: Discipling men in the church
  • Leadership principles for every man
  • 5 traits found in the heart of a leader

For TIM BROWN'S entire life, God has placed him in positions that surrounded him with men. From childhood athletics, clerking in a men's store during the high school and college years, owning his own men's clothing store, to working for a national custom clothing maker — Tim has spent each day speaking one-on-one with men in our society. Tim has written a number of Bible studies that have been utilized by men to help them discover their identity in Christ and how to live in that truth. Tim has a passion to know God's heart and to help others learn to live by Christ's life in them. Tim started FHG Clothiers and founded REUP Men's Movement that has been utilized by thousands of men and also is the founding pastor of Church @ The Corner in his community of Bowling Green, Ky. He has been married to his wife Mylinda for over thirty-five years, is the father of two sons, and is "Poppa" to three grandkids.

About REUP Men's Movement:
REUP's primary objective is to lead men to the feet of Christ–not simply into a small group or short study guide that may or may not fully equip them or answer all of their questions. REUP strives to create intentional structures with constant encouragement and focus through a one of a kind omni channel platform for men to engage and connect to other men and have unlimited resources at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.

SOURCE REUP Men's Movement

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