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Couple Visit All 50 Capitols with Election Eve Warning
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 1, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Howie and Debbie Campbell, a singer-songwriter team, have a message for American Christians. It's an election-year plea, but not about politics. In a miraculous musical tour, they have already taken it to the steps of all 50 state capitols -- including Alaska and Hawaii.

And on November 7, the eve of the presidential elections, they are taking it to the US Capitol steps. Their challenge can be disconcerting.

"It's not that America has to repent," says the guitar-strumming folk-singer, "it's that Christian Americans and the churches have to repent; we believers must engage with God and truly seek His face."

"It is not about religion engaging with the culture, in fact it's not about the culture at all. People think we're traveling evangelists but we're not. But we do a warming sort of like Bob Dylan did in the '60s.

"The only hope for America to be 'great' again … is for believers to repent and return to God, to seek His face and release their grip on this world and its goodies. Everyone knows that America is in a spiritual crisis. It's up to American believers take seriously God's directives in 2 Chronicles 7:14."

Their musical odyssey is a miracle says Debbie. They started out with only $20 between them.
"We didn't even have enough gas to make it to the next state," laughs Debbie, who lives and travels with her husband in the back of their Ford Transit cargo van.

On March 9, at the first stop the morning they left Charlottesville, a local business man handed her long-haired husband an envelope because, he said, "I believe in what you're doing." Inside was a check. By sleeping in the van, it covered the frugal couple's expenses for the first 10 capitols.

And so went the next nine months. They sang, preached and prayed their way from one state to another – living on the donations of friends and strangers.

In many U.S. capitols during the miracle tour, they were welcomed by a handful of fans and friends of their "Americana" folk-jazz sound. Sometimes, small bands of believers would join them to speak and sing on the streets.

So many women are curious that Debbie is writing a book about the 2016 Miracle Tour. Fans and friends of the Campbell's can contact them at their website www.wisdomandtruth.org.