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Veteran Counselor Says Marriage Troubles May Simply Be the 'Storm before the Calm'
Contact: Angel H. Davis, 706-543-7021, info@AngelHDavis.com
ATHENS, Ga., Feb. 10, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- According to Christian therapist Angel H. Davis, the majority of marriages are neither a complete disaster nor "made in heaven," which means most need some help to get through the trials they face. In her self-revealing and compassionate new book, The Perfecting Storm, Davis combines the experience of storms in her own marriage with three decades of counseling practice and a vibrant walk with God to offer surprising direction on how married couples can renew hope and joy in life together.

"Following Scripture is the key," says Davis, "but most books on marriage start at the wrong place--with instructions like 'husbands love your wives' and 'wives respect your husbands.' Couples can get there, to be sure, but only after managing the struggles that naturally arise between two people prone to sin."

Davis believes the "fix" begins with changing an individual's heart, the only way any relationship--and especially a marriage--can become all it's meant to be.

The Perfecting Storm offers help in three ways many other books on marriage do not:
(1) Davis is no armchair quarterback. She almost gave up on her own marriage until, through her own healing, she discovered the principles detailed in her book. Her experience includes many of the pains she addresses, yet she knows the joy of a renewed marriage.

(2) Her guidance doesn't require that both parties work together. Too often, only one spouse sees the problems in a marriage. That's why the typical "it takes two" approach can leave some battered and hopeless. Davis explains that God has an alternative way to bring contentment and that all is not lost if one spouse is not motivated to improve the marriage.

(3) The book shows practical ways to rely on God's power, so the transformation of one spouse can have a positive effect on the other.

Davis acknowledges that every marriage faces tribulation from inside or out that can tempt anyone to jump ship, yet that is almost never the right answer. The Perfecting Storm plumbs the depths of God's transforming power to help any couple plow through their trials and emerge in a new world of freedom and love.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Angel Davis at 706-543-7021 or info@AngelHDavis.com

The Perfecting Storm, available from www.AngelHDavis.com and other booksellers: paperback (ISBN 978-0-9853038-6-8); e-book (ISBN 978-0-9853038-7-7).