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Country Singer Johnny Jolin Apologizes for 'Twitter Distraction'
Politically fueled debate leads to a rogue social media employee

LWM Records
Aug. 19, 2019

NASHVILLE, Aug. 19, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Johnny Jolin ( Joel-In) apologizes to fans who were confused after his Twitter account mysteriously disappeared in late June 2019. His former social media manager, Stefan Gentry, went "rogue" after a political dispute regarding Jolin's refusal to use social media for political content. Gentry was retweeting content that Jolin felt was controversial and asked him to take it down. The tension came to a boiling point when Stefan used Jolin's account to Tweet something racially offensive at a Donald Trump supporter, later claiming he forgot which account he was using.

"I want to apologize for the recent Twitter distraction and for the actions of my former social media manager," Jolin wrote in a statement. "This isn't what fans of my music signed up for. I want my brand to respect the office of the President, regardless of who's elected and to treat people with respect. It's pretty simple."

LWM Records chose to not renew Gentry's contract, which ended June, 30th, and he decided to have the last word. When the account was deleted, Jolin lost over a decade-worth of content, fan-interaction and followers. Also, Jolin and his team were locked out of trying to revive the content.

"We want to be surrounded by professionals. I wish things could have ended better with Mr. Gentry," said Adam Williams, VP of LWM Records. "Stefan had grown very angry, politically, over the past few years and had begun taking his frustration out on those around him. LWM Records and our artists subscribe to what we call the 'Dolly Parton approach.' We firmly believe our responsibility is not to add to the already overwhelming political drama but to just make great music. We want to be an escape from the crazy, not an instigator."

Johnny Jolin's new account (https://twitter.com/JohnnyJolin?s=17) was restored on July 9th.


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