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Found: '52% Factor' for Why New Churches and Campuses Grow

Contact: Dr. Warren Bird, Research Director, Leadership Network, 845-368-4379, research@leadnet.org; Scott Cougill, CEO, Portable Church® Industries, 248-585-9540, scott@portablechurch.com

DALLAS, July 20, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- People who attend churches or multisite campuses started in the last 5 years are 52% more likely to invite friends and family to "consider faith in Jesus Christ" than at any other time in the life of the church. "This news, which we call the '52% factor,' offers a compelling reason for churches to do the work necessary to launch a new church or campus—because the spiritual payoff is so strong," says report author Warren Bird, research director at Leadership Network.

Leadership Network, in conjunction with Portable Church® Industries, announces publication of, "8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses." The 20-page, richly illustrated free download (leadnet.org/portable) identifies 8 compelling reasons behind the urgent need for congregations to launch new churches and/or new multisite campuses. Each reason is documented by a percentage or other number, all drawn from Leadership Network's proprietary research, and all released for the first time in this fascinating report.

What are some examples of the findings?

It's long been suspected that there are strong advantages to starting new churches or multisite campuses, but until now few specific numbers have documented just how strong those advantages are. Findings include:

  • A solid quarter (26%) of the new churches or campuses surveyed estimate that half or more of their people are, in a typical month, inviting others to consider faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Almost half (49%) said that, for unchurched individuals being invited, the type of facility doesn't matter, in terms of whether it's portable (involving weekly setup and tear-down) or permanent (a facility available 7 days a week).

Another series of findings involve a comparison between new churches and multisite campuses. Many growing congregations ask, "Should we plant a new church or open a new multisite location?" The analysis includes visuals that can help a church decide. The research shows not only ways those two variables compare, but it also addresses the differences in whether a church meets in a portable vs. permanent location, how strongly they attract Millennials, what difference size makes, and what difference the senior pastor's age makes. The report also details comparison of start-up costs for facilities.

What does the report cover?

The heart of the report is a one-page striking infographic titled, "Five Compelling New Reasons to Start a Church or New Campus." Other features include how new churches and multisite campuses ranked their effectiveness at various discipleship practices, a table about what people like best about worshipping in a portable location, an appendix titled "Four Myths About Portable Churches," and more.

The biggest finding: "The effort to start something new—a church, a campus location—is absolutely worthwhile in terms of the spiritual fruit that will result."

How was the report compiled?

The survey, launched earlier this year, was conducted by email under the auspices of Leadership Network and drew 1,621 valid completes. It joins a large family of original research by Leadership Network that can be found at leadnet.org/salary, leadnet.org/megachurch, leadnet.org/intern, leadnet.org/Canada, and more.
The survey director, designer and report author is Warren Bird, Ph.D., who has also co-authored 29 books, including one on church planting (Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers) and two on multisite churches (Multisite Church Revolution and Multisite Church Roadtrip).

How do people obtain the report?

For a free download go to Leadnet.org/portable.

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