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Innovo Publishing LLC Releases 'High and Dry on the Beach' by P. M. Hoekstra

Summary / Description: Innovo Publishing LLC is excited to release High and Dry on the Beach, a non-fiction book documenting the history of LST-311. From a diary written by a crew member and other eye-witness accounts, this is the tale of World War II as a crewmember of an LST. With more than seventy never-before-seen photos, High and Dry on the Beach presents a black and white pictorial history that illuminates the experience of LST crews fighting the war in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Normandy. The hardback case edition is available now in the US and internationally.

Innovo Publishing LLC
March 1, 2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 1, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Innovo Publishing LLC is excited to release a new historical title, High and Dry on the Beach, written by P. M. Hoekstra. In July 1941 Winston Churchill sent a telegram to Franklin Roosevelt stating that in the fight to save the world from the Nazis, it would be necessary not only to have great numbers of tanks but also to have sea-going vessels capable of landing them directly onto the beaches of Europe. Soon thereafter the Landing Ship Tank (LST) was designed.

By late 1942, LSTs of the U.S. Navy were afloat and active in the war effort. This outwardly clumsy and unsightly vessel quickly became one of the most important and effective warships in the Allied victory in World War II. Whether student or teacher, young or old, all readers will be captivated by the truly remarkable stories forged in the great walls of this marvelous vessel of war.

“This beautifully illustrated book provides a detailed view into the historical events that took place on and around one seemingly insignificant sea vessel. With first-hand accounts from landmark events such as the crossing of the Atlantic, the invasion of Sicily, the bombing of LST-313, and landings at Salerno, this book is captivating in its commitment to story and factual detail. Readers who enjoy history will no doubt discover something new in this compelling and educational masterpiece.” -- Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder and CEO, Innovo Publishing LLC

High and Dry on the Beach is available now in the US and internationally in case hardback (ISBN: 978-1-61314-977-5) edition.

About the Author: Philip Hoekstra is a writer from Memphis, TN. He is a chemist by trade, author of many technical papers, and recipient of two Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge awards. Raised on a farm in Iowa, as a young boy, Philip listened to “war stories” told by his uncles, describing their experiences in WWII. This is his father’s war story.

SOURCE Innovo Publishing LLC

CONTACT: Bart Dahmer, bartdahmer@innovopublishing.com