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'We Will Not Obey Unjust Law... ...No Court Will Stop Us from Upholding our Christian Values'
Contact: Deborah Owens, Coalition of African American Pastors, 901-628-3202, dowens@caapusa.org

HENDERSON, Nev., July 13, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Bill Owens, President and founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors, Dr. Steve Hotze, President of Campaign for Texas Families; and David Pickup, LMFT of the Children's Center for Healthy Gender and Sexuality, are holding a press conference to call upon millions of Christians and people of faith within all of America's businesses, professions, churches and states congresses to prepare for mass civil disobedience in regard to the recent U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on homosexual marriage. We are calling on Christians and people of faith in all areas of society, especially those in leadership positions, to refuse to obey unjust laws that have legalized same-sex unions, and to join our movement that will take back our Constitution and our rights.
"It's a disgrace that five unelected judges can overturn the votes of over 50 million Americans so that a few homosexuals can marry," says Rev. Owens.
"These justices got it wrong like they did in the Dred Scott case. We stand with all Americans who resist the SCOTUS ruling and we will follow Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s example and we will not obey an unjust law. It's time that we elect politicians that will honor the will of the people and not cater to special interest groups. I am disgusted by the Liberal agenda that is trampling on the Constitution and antagonizing those of us who believe in faith, marriage and family. CAAP is calling on all Americans to push back against these anti-Christian policies and join our RISE campaign and take back America and restore common sense principles and values," added Rev. Owens.  
"We will not Obey Unjust Laws…
…No court will stop us from upholding our Christian values"
Join our RISE Campaign at www.caapusa.org
For further information, please contact Deborah Owens at 901-628-3202 or via e-mail at dowens@caapusa.org