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Palestinians Embrace Hebrew Roots
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PADUCAH, Ky., May 26, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- What are the implications of Jews and Palestinians sharing the same heritage? Could it lead to a one state solution? Is it God's Divine plan?

The message sends shivers down the spine of many, but unexpectedly resonates with the Muslim community as well as some Christians.

Jewish leaders reject it. According to a PNN.ps report dated on May 23, 2015, Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely says, "The whole land of Israel belongs to the Jews. This country is ours, all of it. We did not come here to apologize for that," the deputy minister stressed.

Bethlehem District Vice-Governor Mohammed Abu Alia and the Islamic Mufti of Bethlehem, Sheikh Abdul Majid Amarneh, were among those who attended an event on May 12 sponsored by the Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine located near the Separation Wall at the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem.

Rev. Alex Awad from the Bethlehem Bible College translated the message delivered by Rev. Terry McIntosh, Chairman of the JCEP ministry who traces the name "Israel" as having been first placed upon the sons of Joseph after he had married an Egyptian woman and fathered children with her. The Bible story traces division of those tribes and their half brother Judah through captivity, loss of identity, name changes, and ultimately surfacing in the Holy Land as today's Palestinians.

The Islamic Mufti responded to this resurrected Bible truth and said, "When we hear the words you speak today, we are filled with new hope for ourselves and our children." Vice Governor Abu Alia embraced the message and thanked all of those praying for the people of Palestine.

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem first released DNA results suggesting that Palestinian DNA is identical to Jews, but with a small mix of Arab genes - what you would expect if they were originally from the same stock, but that Palestinians had mixed a little with Arab immigrants. This would be expected with the advent of Islam, the influx of Arabs in the country, and intermarriage. Other leading academic research facilities have since confirmed those results.

These findings should cause a stir among religious ideologies from every branch of religious expression. It carries major implications regarding the "all Jewishness" of ancient Israel and questions whether or not the Jewish state truly represents Bible prophecy fulfilled or not.

McIntosh, who hails from Kentucky, says, "Not every Palestinian is a natural descendant of the House of Israel, just the majority, but not every Jew is a descendant of Judah, either. It is a mix, but the evidence of ancestral identity and relationship is overwhelming. To say that God gave all the land to Jews is political propaganda. Not one verse in the Bible says that. The promise was made to 12 Hebrew tribes, not just one of them. This is not anti-Semitism at work as some suggest. It is Biblical and scientific fact."

His organization's research on the subject is offered free to our subscribers. Visit website www.jcembassypalestine.com to request a copy.

McIntosh adds, "The Bible is the final authority for Christians and indisputable DNA results confirm what the Bible teaches. This should have a major impact on Christian theology. Christendom accepted the Jewish narrative that they represent the Biblical Israel and God's promises belong to them to the exclusion of Palestinians who were thought to be immigrants to the land. It was a misread of scripture that led us to that conclusion, and now that we know who is whom, we can read it in proper context. When we read about Israel in the Bible we are reading about ancestors of Palestinians. When we read about Judah, we are reading about ancestors of Jews."

He further said, "What was a misunderstanding becomes a lie if we continue to perpetrate an all Jewish Israel. Palestinians have as much right to be there as the Jews. They are part of the remnant and we must recognize them as such. Otherwise, we contribute to division of land and civil war between brothers."

Palestinian news outlets are spreading the word with enthusiasm. Major Palestinian media outlets ran the story nationally including the Al Quds, Palestine's largest newspaper.

Response is mixed on the street, according to McIntosh, but the intellectual response is majority positive. "We have met with political leaders and are invited to address University students about the subject."

McIntosh proclaimed to the Islamic audience that it is Jesus Christ who will lead them home and quoted scripture saying that "God will put his spirit in you, and lead you."

He says, "Recognizing Palestinians as the original Israel is a sovereign truth which will lead to ultimate peace and a one state solution, but if we fail to point out that Jesus Christ is the one pulling the strings, then we miss the mark of Christian excellence."

News Reference: The Palestinian News Network is the first Palestinian News in English and serves several language groups, radio stations, and television networks.

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