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Thursday, April 05, 2007

TBN Launches Contest to Find Best in New Faith and Family Friendly Programs

Married Gays Die 24 Years Younger

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Producers of 'The Secret' Missed: Here's What Believers Do, When the Ordinary Won't Do!

Life Coach Paula White on April 6th CNN Special 'What Would Jesus Really Do?'

CWA Calls for Federal Investigation of Fake 'Hate Crimes' Reports

Relics of Christ's Passion For Sale on eBay: ICHR Calls for eBay Community to Engage in Good Friday 'Cyber Protest' Over Offensive Sales

Lawlessness and Discrimination Reign in Washington, D.C. -- Students Violently Attack White House Advisor Karl Rove with No Arrests Made

Focus on the Family Brings Drug-Prevention Training Program to Cincinnati

USF Sun Dome Site of Huge Easter Celebration for Without Walls International Church

Perfectionism Linked to Eating Disorders

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Congress Decries European Court's Attack on Poland's Abortion Law

Morrison Disrespects Judges, Legislature; Lacks Credibility to Continue Tiller Case

Human Slave Trade for 2010 World Cup

Eleven Million Adults Participate Weekly in Small Groups

Radiant Magazine's Spring Anniversary Issue Features Volunteer Organizations

Why Are Men Avoiding Marriage? Ask Former NFL Running Back Jerone Davison

Medical Doctor Creates Breakthrough Inside-Out Makeover Diet

Homosexuality More Dangerous Than Smoking

Monday, April 02, 2007

NJ School Mocks Christians with Columbine-Style 'Mock Hostage Drill' - Offends Students and Parents

Sri Lanka Christians Among Refugees

California Supreme Court Schemes to Destroy Marriage

Presidential Message -- Passover, 5767

Conflict Brings Presbyterians Together to Work on Solutions

Israeli Scientist Discovers 40 Sentences About Christ Encoded in the Old Testament

CORRECTION: Stuff We're Not Making Up

GospelTube.com -- The World's Newest Christian 'YouTube'

Gay Anglican Priest's Apostasy is Complete; Denies Atonement of Christ

World Relief Calls for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Humane Treatment of Immigrants Detained

As Tsunami Strikes Solomon Islands; World Vision Responds

Father Euteneuer: Amnesty International Would Be Their 'Own Enemy'

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