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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Endangered Species Found...Christians Age 16-25

Envoy Elements Break Sound Barrier

Powerful Spiritual Odyssey 'The Cross' Premiers at Florida's Exclusive 'Holy Land Experience'

Roger Chapin: Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities Now

Be Inspired! Cloud Ten Pictures Announces Saving God Song Contest

Mob Brutally Attacks Missionaries

David Kim of the Philadelphia Orchestra to Perform at the MasterWorks Festival

Legislative Measures at Federal, State Levels will Worsen Breast Cancer, Premature Birth Epidemics

Sen. James Inhofe Joins Susan B. Anthony List in Speaking Out in Defense of American Taxpayers

Expert Shows how Business Communications Principles Apply to the Church

Jury Selected for Abortionist Tiller's Criminial Case

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What the West Must Know About Islamic Law

Ultrasound Law Puts Pro-abortion Gov. Sebelius on the Hot Seat

Record High Teen Pregnancy and Record High Money for Comprehensive Sex Education

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Colorado Springs Chapter Teams with YouDiligence(TM) to Protect Children From Internet Predators & Cyber-Bullies

Jury Empanelled in Tiller Criminal Case

Bitsy Author Nominated for Deep South Young Adult Fiction Award

Live Action Undercover Video: Two Planned Parenthood Clinics Conceal Sexual Abuse of 15-Year-Old

Family Institute of Connecticut Action Calls for Removal of Rep. Michael Lawlor and Sen. Andrew McDonals from Judiciary Committee Chairmanships

Spreading the Good News with Christian and Gospel Voice Overs

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More than 425,000 People Hear Evangelist Luis Palau During Historic Guatemala Festival

As Jury Selection Continues, Operation Rescue Calls Pro-lifers to Wichita for Prayer

Stevens Creek Church Finds a Little Creativity Can Help Collect Cash in Tough Times

Strategic Change Transcends International Borders

A Respite in the Chaos

Do Prayer Bands Still Rock the World

Secretary of States' Human Rights Statement in Egypt Leads to More Killing of Christian Copts

Social Conservatives Adapt to New Environment

Recent Changes in Major Tax Laws Significantly Affect Churches and Church Staff

Pro-Life Org Receives Donations in Name of Planned Parenthood (PP) President, following PP Sarah Palin Campaign

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