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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Congressman Joins Ministers to Anoint and Pray Over Obama Inaugural Walkway

'I Saw the Truth with My Own Two Eyes'

Family Films on Increase and are the Profit-Makers in Hollywood

Plan Re-Ignites Public Indignation Over Babies Who Survived Abortion Attempts at these Hospitals

Thousands of Georgians Calling for a Change for Life

Catholic News Agency Presents Exclusive 2009 Liturgical Calendar

David C. Cook Develops Innovative Online Program to Benefit Consumers and Give Back to Retailers

Pro-life Activists Secure Significant First Amendment Victory at the Obama Presidential Inaugural Parade

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hearing Reveals Tiller/Planned Parenthood Conspiracy to Break the Law

Who Would Jesus Bomb -- A Serious Response to the Crisis in Gaza

Members of Congress Urge Deputy Secretary Negroponte to Prioritize Religious Freedom During this Week's Visit to China

Government Shouldn't Fund Media Bias with Taxpayer Dollars

Palestinian Christians Afraid to Leave Homes in Gaza

Homeschooling Grows Rapidly

Which Road will You Choose

Three Christians Sentenced to One Year of Re-education Through Labor in Zhoukou, Henan

More Christian than African-American

Obama Faces Pro-Life Opposition During Inauguration Week

Leaders Call for President Elect-Obama to Stand for Life, Liberty, and Family

Monday, January 05, 2009

Introducing the National Bible Bee

51 Christians Detained in Xinjiang, One Young Mother Sentenced

'What's God Got to do with it?' Fitness and Weight Loss Expert Chantel Hobbs Says, 'Everything'

Prop 8 Official Proponents Respond to New Legal Issue Raised by California Attorney General

GRTL Hires Catherine Davis to Help Preserve the Legacy in the African American Community

Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America, 2008

African Americans Should Send Pro-Family Message to President-Elect Says Dr. Alveda King

Live Prayer Announces Radio Deal with Genesis Communications

Ditch the Diet and Dare to Be Remarkable

Further Drama Anticipated as Tiller Hearing Resumes

Mr. Obama, Is Change Really Gonna Come? Asks Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union

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