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Bob Jewitt, Founder of CCN

Christian Communication Network (CCN) was created in 1989 as an independent media service by Robert "Bob" Jewitt. 
Bob was the media spokesperson for Operation Rescue, known for its peaceful sit-ins in front of abortion clinics, as it entered the national scene during the Democratic National Convention held in Atlanta in 1988.  In coming months Operation Rescue drew the attention of the courts and pro-abortion politicians and it became necessary for the media work Bob did to become a separate self-supporting entity.
Over the coming years Bob spoke on behalf of the pro-life movement and helped craft messages delivered by spokespersons from a variety of Christian groups.
Bob appeared regularly on nation media outlets.  When he wasn't addressing the press himself he was booking others as guests using his ever-growing list of media contacts. 

In 1990 he moved from Atlanta to Washington, DC and expanded his work to be of service to conservative politicians, Supreme Court nominees as well as church and Christian leaders confronting religious persecution, abortion, and the sanctity of marriage.
These contentious issues have taken Bob across the nation and overseas in service to Christian leaders and to train others in using the media.