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Rush Limbaugh vs Zombies? Yes!

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NASHVILLE, Dec. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- What if a conservative talk show host like Rush Limbaugh were the last man on earth, and everyone else had been transformed into hyper-intelligent liberal nude zombies?

That's the premise of independent filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr.'s latest feature film Hive Mind. The quirky scifi horror Hive Mind is a prophetic post-apocalyptic view of a world driven mad from political correctness and tyranny.

The last man on earth is Doug Trench, conservative talk show host, heir to the kingdoms of Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Boortz and Beck. Everyone else has been assimilated by Hive Mind, a massive collective consciousness born from implant cell phone technology. Secluded in his broadcast bunker for twenty years, Maha Trenchy decides to fire up his radio transmitter one last time before he is killed, and fight the Hive Mind with half his brain tied behind his back.

"When our own President is constantly saying 'we must all think collectively,' naturally as a filmmaker I thought: scifi-horror film! Eco-friendly nudist Borg-like zombies! Cross-bred with Paris Hilton and Tila Tequila!" said Ehlinger. "Because really, who wouldn't?"

Zombies created by a cell phone that you swallow, that merges with your brain. Dubbed the "I-Mind," the phone lets you Twitter telepathically, download movies straight to your brain, and keep your contacts forever. Britney, J-Lo, Pamela and Paris all love their I-Minds. But there's a sinister side-effect: loss of free will to the collective Hive consciousness. Everyone is either assimilated or killed in Hive's eco-friendly efforts to reduce the population.

"I'm sort of a one-man-band filmmaker," explains Ladd. "Which means lots of solitary hours at the computer. Talk radio helped me endure those hours and this is my thanks." He cautioned that "while I don't glorify my main character - he's human after all, with flaws and foibles - I certainly believe his soul, and the souls of those he was modeled after, are in the right place."

Like Ladd's previous effort Flatland, Hive Mind will be sold directly to the public. "Given my views and past work as a military multimedia artist," said Ladd, "I'm happy being an indie rabble-rouser versus Hollywood drone. I'll never join the Hive."

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