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TV Ad Begins Airing in Washington D.C.: 'Samuel L. Jackson Carries Water for Racists'

Ad to run on 130 TV stations, reaching into 20 states, including 7 swing states.  Also: bonus comedy video: "Sir Reginald Bling" praises Samuel L. Jackson's work.

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 304-289-3700, 202-531-7547

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Background: Samuel L. Jackson recently released a "get out the vote" video for President Obama, entitled: "Wake the F*** Up." A new TV ad responding to Mr. Jackson is being released on 120 +/- stations from Denver to DC, beginning this Friday, October 11.

Randall A. Terry is an Independent Candidate for President, on the ballot in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Nebraska. As a federal candidate, he is allowed to run TV ads uncensored and unedited where he is on the ballot. Due to the FCC DMA map coverage of various areas and states, in addition to being seen by residents of WV, KY, and NE, Mr. Terry's commercials can be seen in portions of 17 surrounding states and the District of Columbia with the "spill over" coverage from the stations required to air his ads. Those "spill over" areas include portions of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, and Colorado.

Mr. Terry's new ad: "He's Carrying Water for Racists" takes aim at the connection between Planned Parenthood's Founder -- Margaret Sanger -- and the fact that Planned Parenthood aborts a disproportionate number of African American babies. For years, pro-life advocates have insisted this is a form of "Black Genocide."

Commercial time for the 30-second ad has been purchased on nearly 130 stations in over 30 markets. The ad began running Wednesday, October 10, and continue for a week.

When possible, the ad is running on shows that are popular with young African American voters, such as The View, House of Payne, Wendy Williams, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, and more.

See TV ad at: www.TerryForPresident.com

Mr. Terry States:

    "This ad will explain racism and black genocide to young African Americans in a way that grips them, shakes them, and hopefully wakes them from their political coma.

    "Moreover, it is particularly appropriate to excoriate Samuel L. Jackson for praising a group whose founder was an avowed racist and white supremacist. The blood of innocent people of color cries out against him."

The ad will air in Washington DC, on the following stations, programs, and times:

WHAG  NBC    Steve Harvey    F  4 – 5 PM

WJLA  ABC    Good Morning Wash.    M  4:30 – 5 AM

WRC-TV  NBC    Today 3/Cash Cab    F  2:05 – 4:05 AM

WTTG  FOX    Fox 5 Morning News    M  4:30 – 5 AM; At 4:30 AM

WUSA  CBS    9 News@11PM Rpt    M 1:37 – 2:07 AM

WDCW  CW    Excused  F  4 – 4:30 AM

The campaign has also released a video "Honoring" Mr. Jackson's cinematic work, entitled: "The New Uncle Tom."

Concerning this video Mr. Terry states:

    "Since Samuel L. Jackson, George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc., are supporting the murder of black babies, we thought it would be fun to 'honor' Mr. Jackson with a video that praises his behavior.

    "Perhaps the coming sequel will involve George Clooney as a slave trader, and Sarah Jessica Parker who offers 'comfort' to those poor black slaves. We could call it, 'Sex in the Slavepen.'"

See comedy video at: www.UncleTomJackson.com 

Full list of stations, shows and times can be found at both web sites.

Paid for by Randall Terry For President Campaign Committee