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Unveiling Masonic Truths/Corruption in National Health Service, Scotland

EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is released by Eliza Earsman:

Blog www.elizaearsman2corruptofficials.wordpress.com contains details of individuals. Will be updated as required:

1. John BURNS – Chief Executive Officer, National Health Service, DUMFRIES, Scotland.

2. John Angus CAMERON, General Medical Council Register number 2335485

3. Alexander Barlas CHRISTIE GMC No. 0141246

4. James McClellan GRAHAM GMC No. 2328735.


Ref: Rosemary E. Whitelaw – author name Eliza Earsman – versus SCOTTISH RITUAL FREEMASONRY:

In 1994 pseudo court procedures/falsified paperwork led to the ILLEGAL DETENTION of this author by named individuals in the National Health Service, Scotland.

Attempts to have details rectified met by deliberate 'brick walls' of NHS personnel.

Result: details expanded within the book publication DAYS OF ELIJAH (REVISED AND EXPANDED): A TRUE STORY – ISBN 9780955624803.

Chief Executive Officer of NHS – John BURNS – states 'he will do nothing'.

The charge: 'Criminal and insane'. This author is neither. She and others hold copies of their falsified paperwork.

Maybe Burns' MASONIC file is causing him problems.

In interests of public safety/newsworthy items, here exists opportunity for international article writers and journalists.


1. Further public recognition of the details
2. Restitution
3. Rectification of records.


International professional and concerned 'movers and shakers' are supporting this cause. Be one! It could be you/your families!


Bring these details to attention of journalists, international newspaper editors, friends, general public.

Contact John BURNS, (or CHRISTIE, GRAHAM, CAMERON) take whatever action legitimately necessary, compose letter, fire off an email, choose the form it takes as long as he/they get the message. Impress on him accountability will be met. He has no 'opt out' clause.

Ask him/them for copies of that paperwork! Compare it to proven evidence!

Many are those for whom – understandably – short fuses have been ignited and long ropes given!


Testimonials/positive feedback e.g:




TESTIMONIALS www.amazon.com/gp/product/product-description/0955624800

UNEDITED INTERVIEW www.elizaearsman.com/images/EarsmanInterview.pdf

AUTHOR INTERVIEW jozette.webs.com/authorinterviews2010.htm


QUOTE - serves in part the summarizing of details:

'Amazing story of Eliza Earsman ... unprepared for what was to unfold ... interesting is the sheer unbelievablenes!

Facts clearly presented. Pictures offered … names, dates, locations given. Open your eyes to what is going on, and heart to author for having courage and will to present this story.'