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President Obama Chips Away at the U.S. Constitution

Contact: Dr. Gary G. Dull, 814-207-0107, garygdull@aol.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Faith and Freedom Institute of Altoona, PA was founded in Washington, DC in 2009 under the direction of Dr. Gary G. Dull and Rev. David Kistler to stand for the principles of Faith and Freedom that have made America great.

Since November 2009 President Barack Obama has been using a phrase which cuts at the very heart of the United States Constitution. Instead of speaking of the "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" we enjoy in America, he has been speaking of the "FREEDOM OF WORSHIP," which expresses a complete different concept. "FREEDOM OF WORSHIP" implies that which one does in private and behind closed doors. "FREEDOM OF RELIGION" speaks of the freedom to practice what one believes in public spaces.

Technically speaking, "FREEDOM OF WORSHIP" would force people to practice their faith behind closed doors. President Obama has used "FREEDOM OF WORSHIP" in speeches at the Ft. Hood memorial service in November of 2009, as well as in other venues including Japan and China.

To respond to this constitutional error, The Faith and Freedom Institute has sent a personal letter to the President asking him to retract all past use of this incorrect and misleading phrase, "FREEDOM OF WORSHIP," and cease all future use of the same. The entire letter may be read at the TFFI web site located at faithandfreedominstitute.com.

TFFI believes that all Americans of all faiths must speak out on this issue that destroys the nature of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and for which many of our ancestors came to this beloved nation.