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Baptist Minister Kent Hovind Suffering Eight Years in Jail, Facing Life in Prison on New Bogus Charges
Contact: Rudy Davis, 972-839-9848, ruddavis@yahoo.com

PENSACOLA, Fla., Feb. 2, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Kent Hovind, Baptist Minister and Creation Science Evangelist has served 99 months of a 10-year prison sentence for a misapplied RICO statute and IRS employer tax laws. Hovind supporters maintain that he was targeted by the IRS and the federal government for being an effective, outspoken Christian creationist, and that his sentence and ongoing prosecution is outrageous for an alleged victimless offense. Dr. Hovind has maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal and maintains a belief that churches should be free to preach God’s word without interference from the state (ie 501c3).

Hovind's incarceration far exceeds that of much greater convicted tax cheats who often either pay a fine or are imprisoned for a short time. The average jail time served for someone convicted of tax related charges in 2013 was 14 months. In addition to the original charges, Hovind faces new charges for mail fraud, as he allegedly used the prison mail system for contesting the lien placed on his personal property that was seized by the federal government. If convicted, Hovind faces a sentence of 20 - 100 years.

Hovind's new trial date has been rescheduled from February 9th to March 2nd. Hovind's trial date has been postponed several times within the past year. Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida is the federal judge set to preside over the upcoming trial. Judge Rodgers presided over Hovind's original trial. Judge Rodgers has exhibited an anti-Christian bias, having issued a court order to a school district to refrain from allowing religious activity in the form of prayer at school events. Dr. Hovind also claims Judge Rodgers stated his crimes were "worse than rape" or words to that effect at his January 2007 sentencing and he has several affidavits from others in the courtroom who claim to have heard Judge Rodgers make this statement as well. Since the trial transcripts do not reflect this statement, one is left to wonder how and why it was removed. On page 12 of Hovind's trial transcript Judge Rodgers did state her belief that "Mr. Hovind was an organizer or leader of an extensive criminal operation."

Unlike many pastors who are withholding support of Kent Hovind due to fear of losing their 501c3 tax-exempt status, Pastor Wiley Drake, of the First Southern Baptist Church, Buena Park, California, has responded with orchestrating a Prayer Rally and March entitled "Boots on the Ground for Kent Hovind." The Rally will take place February 5 – 10, 2015, at the Red Roof Inn, 7340 Plantation Rd, Pensacola, Florida. For information, interested parties may contact Pastor Drake at 714-865-8132 or wileywiley@att.net. Along with Pastor Drake, supporters of Hovind include longtime spiritual and legal counselor, Ernest Land, and public relations counselors, Rudy and Erin Davis. Together, Hovind's friends and associates hope to "shine the light and make a lot of noise" (Judges 7:16-22) in efforts to create public awareness and demand justice. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

For further information, see: www.2Peter3.com and www.FreeKentHovind.com.
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