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DiscoverChristianSchools.com Admonishes the New Jersey School District Responsible for Teaching Elementary Students About Gay and Lesbian-Parented Families

Contact: Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, 610-454-1538, 215-815-7716


MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- DiscoverChristianSchools.com would like to alert parents across the country that certain public school districts are showing their students the film, "That's A Family". The film is a half-hour documentary that claims to help children understand the many different shapes of today's families – gay and lesbian parents, foster parents, grandparent-headed families, guardians, single parents, multi-racial families, families that speak different languages or have varying religious beliefs, adopted families and divorced parents.


The Evesham, NJ school district claims that the film defines guardian, race, gay, lesbian and divorce in a way that children can understand.


According to many news reports, parents were angry that their children were being taught about gay and lesbian-parented families, and also angry that they were not notified about the content of the film. Parents did receive a notice that simply stated the film would be shown but no clear information about the content of this film was given in the letter sent home to parents.


The video was produced specifically for elementary school students by Women's Education Media.


Harold Naylor, one of the founders of DiscoverChristianSchools.com states that, "We, too, believe that parents should be teaching their own children about sexuality and family issues, and that the school, whether public or private is transmitting a set of values that will (or will not) be consistent with the parents' view of the family – or the world in general.


"This is the reason that we encourage to parents to be totally involved with their child's education. That means that the parent will evaluate every aspect of the curriculum and content so that they know, before the crisis occurs, that there is objectionable material presented."


Naylor adds, "DiscoverChristianSchools.com is asking, once again, is THIS the kind of 'schooling' that we as parents want for our children? Wouldn't we want to have one less thing to worry about each day if we knew our children were at least safe in their morality and values at schools where these very issues are in concert with the worldview we hold as Christian parents?"


If you live in New Jersey, you can attend the school board meeting on February 13 at 8:00PM (25 South Maple Avenue, Marlton).


"We must make our voices heard and we must also strongly consider the alternatives to public education. Our children's futures depend on it," says Naylor.


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