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Text of Bush-Kennedy Bill Reveals 'Amnesty From Line 1'

First Line of Bush-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Grants Illegal Aliens Legal Status in the United States


Contact: Ron De Jong, Communications Director, Grassfire, 757-487-7900, ron@grassfire.org


MAXWELL, Iowa, May 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- A review of the text of the 326-page Bush-Kennedy Immigration bill reveals that the proposed legislation grants illegal aliens virtually immediate legal status in the United States. Section 1 (a) -- the very first line of the bill -- establishes clearly that the illegal aliens are granted legal “probationary status" without regard to border security “triggers."


“They didn't even bother to hide the fact that Bush-Kennedy gives amnesty to all illegals in this country," says Steve Elliott, president of Grassfire.org. “This amnesty from line 1 on page one to the last line on page 326. The so-called 'triggers' are nothing more than a cover; every illegal can have legal probationary status without any border security enforcements in place."


Section 1(a) on Page 1 of the bill clearly exempts “the probationary benefits conferred by Section 601 (a)." Those benefits are then detailed on page 268, which makes it clear that illegals receive legal probationary status following a 24 hour waiting period, after which they “may not be considered an unauthorized alien." According to Elliott, “This, by definition, is amnesty. And once amnesty is granted, there will be no turning back regardless of how the triggers proceed."


Grassfire.org is monitoring unprecedented citizen outraged to the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill. Over 200,000 citizen faxes have already been scheduled for delivery to Senate offices this week. Grassfire plans on delivering over 600,000 petitions to the Senate this week.


Full text of bill (.pdf) and Grassfire.org analysis available here: http://www.firesociety.com/article/12134


For more information about Grassfire.org, or to schedule an interview with Grassfire President Steve Elliott, contact Ron De Jong at 757-487-7900 or email ron@grassfire.org