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What Shade of Green are You

Contact: Rachel Elwood, World Gospel Mission, 765-671-7255, rachel.elwood@wgm.org

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Going green can take on a meaning beyond recycling bins and energy efficient light bulbs when it comes to worldwide missions. The March-April issue of The Call, a magazine published by missionary organization World Gospel Mission, presents a virtual crayon box of "greens" that challenges readers to get missions active. "Knowing your next step to being 'on mission with God' depends on what shade of green you are," says editor, Kristi Crisp.

Readers can plug into a range of real-life experiences, each described by a shade of green. There's the green of a newbie -- whether just out of college or a "finisher" starting a second career. (You're never too old to be green!) Then there's the green on a golf course, the green of a stoplight (or maybe that's a go-light), having a green thumb in prayer, and dealing with feelings of envy or being jaded.

"There's no one right way to take the next step in doing missions," said Crisp. "The purpose of The Call is to help Christians recognize and act on where they are in their continuum of experience with God." To hear podcasts of articles from The Call, check out www.wgm.org/call.

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