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Alveda King: A Call for Peace on the Million Man Anniversary

Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Alveda King:

    Twenty years following the first Million Man March, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Pastor Jeremiah Wright and others again drew crowds and stood under the banner "justice or else."

    Or else what? What's next?

    In an open letter to Pope Francis, I recently asked these questions:

      Can a Gentile love a Jew? Can a Muslim love a Christian? Is a baby in the womb a person? What is the meaning of love? Is sin a dirty word? Do we have to be filthy rich to be happy? Can the Lion really lie down with the Lamb? The point is, how do we find peace?

    Tragically many have forgotten the goal of reconciliation and given over to implied threats.

    One of the attendees in the crowd 20 years ago was Barack Obama. He became President.

    Today, Dr. Ben Carson is a leading candidate to replace the President. What was unthinkable in terms of race relations for the early decades of my life is now not only acceptable, but the new norm.

    Moving forward, our actions must be rooted in love and respect for all. To lash out may be immediately satisfying, but vengeance is not only futile, it's contagious.

    Further, as one who sincerely prays for the peace of Jerusalem, which would ultimately lead to reconciliation among the natural and spiritual sons of Abraham, I am concerned about the lack of peaceful negotiations among the factions.

    As the Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, I'm particularly grieved by our trampling of the civil rights of the unborn. But the United States has proven over and over again that, having been founded on righteous principles, we can ultimately only achieve justice by lifting up those principles, not tearing them down.

    As members of the human family of Acts 17:26, let us begin to meet our challenges by recognizing that each one of us, regardless of our station in life or our stage of life, is entitled to respect. Let each one of us, regardless of our color or ethnicity or even religious understanding, show concern for each other's wellbeing.

    Most of all let us love one another. That was my uncle's dream, our family's dream. It's still rooted in the American Dream today.

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