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Every Fairy Tale has a Princess with a Knight in Shining Armor -- But a Knight in Shining Armor Doesn't do Anything
Redemption Press
March 26, 2019

ENUMCLAW, Wash., March 26, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Every fairy tale has a princess with a knight in shining armor—but a knight in shining armor doesn't do anything. That's why the armor is still like new. Author Brianna Tibbetts believes you want the knight in battered armor because he's the one who fought for you.

And that's what Princess Melina discovers when she finds herself locked in the snake Lord Tempesto's castle after he threatens to destroy her kingdom if she doesn't marry him. When no one comes to her rescue out of fear for their own lives, James, who is only the son of a knight, sets out against all odds to rescue her from the slimy, manipulative snake.

But his own skills aren't enough to win the fight against such a ruthless, powerful monster, and it takes an unusual sort of teamwork to save the kingdom from the monster for good. Can James and Princess Melina work together to destroy this monster of a snake and bring peace and tranquility back to the kingdom? And will Princess Melina find her knight in shining—or rather—battered armor?

A captivating story with fresh full-page illustrations, The Knight in Battered Armor is not just for kids but is designed for families as a read-aloud bedtime story, or a chapter book, or a picture book, or however a family wants to treat it. Children of all ages will learn the importance of doing what is right no matter what and not being afraid to protect what's most important. The Knight in Battered Armor is a fairy tale for boys and girls about fantastical characters who demonstrate biblical concepts in an entertaining way that's enjoyable for the entire family. Author Brianna Tibbetts says, "I want my readers to come away from The Knight in Battered Armor knowing that they are brave enough to do the right thing, not the easy thing."

Raised on a steady diet of rich fiction, novelist Brianna Tibbetts has been writing exciting, speculative worlds as long as she can remember. Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, she reads voraciously and writes extensively. In everything from short stories to series, Brianna demonstrates her passion for lively stories infused with faith. In addition to writing, her other superpowers include being ginger and yarn crafting. When she isn't spending time in her own creations, she loves indulging in the fictional worlds of others.

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Liz Stockton is a digital and traditional artist based in San Antonio, with a bachelor of fine arts concentrating on drawing and painting. She has interests in cartoons, children's books, and abstract, conceptual art, specifically because of how they can create a unique feeling for the audience. When she isn't drawing, working, or indulging in an eclectic array of online series, she is crafting, researching new ways to create, or rubbing her hands together while cackling in manic glee like a goblin. Her passions grow from a desire to demonstrate how all forms of creation can help bring us closer to God.

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SOURCE Redemption Press

CONTACT: Brianna Tibbetts, 360-226-3488, bltibbetts13@gmail.com

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