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Marty Angelo, Minister to Troubled Celebrities Offers Hope to Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein
Contact: Marty Angelo, 805-405-8174; www.martyangelo.com
MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 12, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- While troubled movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sits and contemplates his future after his defrocking for his sexual abuses to numerous women, minister Marty Angelo reached out to Weinstein with some very important Christian advice.
Weinstein's recent fall from grace prompted Angelo to reach out to him through a letter via his attorney, Charles Harder. Angelo shared hope to Weinstein that he can turn his whole troubled life around through acknowledging his wrongful behavior as sin and with heartfelt repentance ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and in response, God will cleanse him from unrighteousness allowing Weinstein to have a brand-new life in Christ.
Having spent 15 turbulent years in the entertainment business himself, Angelo reminded Weinstein when he once helped him promote a Rolling Stones concert in Buffalo, NY back in 1978.
Weinstein went from co-founding Harvey and Corky Promotions when he was a student at the University of Buffalo, where Angelo first met him, to one of the most successful motion picture production companies in the world.
Angelo has reached out over the years to hundreds of troubled celebrities offering the same message of the forgiving gospel of Jesus Christ.
"I know it seems like an unlikely time to be talking about the saving grace, mercy, and love of Jesus Christ," states Angelo. "But when your whole life unravels before your very eyes and everyone turns their back on you maybe this is a time when God finally has your attention and if you can just listen you can have a glorious future in Him and Him in you."
Angelo is praying Weinstein will take this opportunity to get right with God and become the man he always hoped and dreamed he could be.
Marty Angelo worked in the music business from 1965 -1980. He managed rock bands and helped usher in the Disco craze. His endless party lifestyle filled with Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll led to an arrest for cocaine possession and was eventually sentenced to 6 years in federal prison. Through this troubled time, Angelo became a born-again Christian and went on to author nine books including his autobiography: "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning!" His 35+ years in ministry has him reaching out to prisons, drug rehabs, troubled celebrities and college campuses.
For additional information please see www.martyangelo.com