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List of Local/Regional Pro-Planned Parenthood Businesses Released

Contact: Life Decisions International, E-Mail (for reporters/journalists), media@fightpp.org; General E-Mail, ldi@fightpp.org; Interviews, call: 540-631-0380 ext. 22


WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- Life Decisions International (LDI) has released an updated list of local/regional businesses that support the world's leading pro-abortion organization, Planned Parenthood.


"The local/regional boycott List identifies companies that do business in a limited area," explained LDI President Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of LDI. "We urge pro-life people to take a local approach. These are businesses that may operate in your home town or in your state/province. It is important that pro-life people let the owners of these establishments know how disappointed they are by the owners' philanthropic choices."


The list of local/regional boycott targets, which is arranged by state/province, is available on LDI's website.


"Please distribute the list of local/regional boycott targets as widely as possible," Scott urged. "If you wish to organize a picket of any of these businesses, and we strongly encourage you to do so, let us know. We can help."


There are many wineries/vineyards that fund Planned Parenthood that they have been listed in a separate section of the website. Wineries/vineyards are also listed in a separate section because they most likely do business in more than one region of the country.


Scott warned that many of the listed companies do business on the Internet. "We urge people to check the list before placing an order online," he said.


For more information, please visit LDI's website at www.fightpp.org.