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AFTAH Protests Willow Creek's Lack of Biblical Leadership in Breaking with Ex-Gay Ministry

Contact: Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth, 630-717-7631, americansfortruth@gmail.com 

BARRINGTON, Ill., Aug. 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) President Peter LaBarbera announced a peaceful sign vigil today and tomorrow outside Willow Creek Community Church -- to protest the mega-church's puzzling disassociation from a Christian ministry that helps men and women overcome unwanted homosexual desires.

The Americans For Truth vigil targets Willow Creek's annual "Global Leadership Summit" -- which draws thousands of Christians annually to the church's campus in Barrington, Illinois. AFTAH's banner message -- "Is Willow Creek Qualified to Lead?" -- will greet Summit attendees Aug. 11-12. That and other messages such as "Willow Creek Caves to Gay Activist Pressure," will highlight the influential mega-church's failure to boldly proclaim the Gospel's life-changing truth on the homosexual issue. 

"Christians across the nation were stunned to learn that Willow Creek had abandoned its friendly working relationship with Exodus International, the world's largest 'ex-gay' ministry," LaBarbera said. "Worse, the break came in 2009, shortly after Willow Creek's leaders met with Soulforce, a homosexual activist group. Soulforce activists target mega-churches and Christian ministries like Focus on the Family -- demanding a (politicized) 'dialogue' even as they accuse leaders who defend the Bible's clear, historic prohibition of homosexuality of 'spiritual violence.'"

In 2008, to protest the WCCC-Soulforce meeting, AFTAH held a silent sign vigil just outside Willow Creek's entrance. Upon learning of our small protest, WCCC's chief of security belligerently tried to block AFTAH from setting up our banner -- apparently ignorant of our First Amendment right to protest on a public sidewalk. Ultimately, police were called in and the peaceful protest went forward.

In recent days, AFTAH placed several calls to Willow Creek inquiring as to whether the 2009 break with Exodus was linked to the church's hosting of Soulforce and subsequent "dialogue," but our calls were not returned. Many observers, including Exodus President Alan Chambers, a former homosexual, believe the disassociation stems from Soulforce's meeting at Willow Creek.

LaBarbera agrees: "Are we to believe it is just a coincidence that Willow Creek dropped a hopeful ministry like Exodus -- which testifies to Jesus Christ's power to transform lives -- shortly after WCCC's meeting with a contingent of homosexual activists, who pressed Willow Creek to end its 'prominent partnership with Exodus?'" 

"This is a stunning capitulation to the 'gay' lobby," LaBarbera said. "We expect the world to reject truth on sexual morality. But churches like Willow Creek that profess to be biblically faithful must not surrender to the notion that somehow homosexuality is too hard for God to change -- or that it is the basis for a healthy identity."

Willow Creek's dumping of Exodus is hardly its first controversial act. The church has been widely criticized for bringing in heretical teachers, and its global "Summit" has featured leaders like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who are at odds with traditional biblical morality. Blair counts among his greatest achievements the advancement of homosexual rights in Britain.