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Official with Christian Television Network TBN Responds to 'Christianity Today' Editorial Calling for President Trump's Removal from Office

Dec. 21, 2019

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- John B. Casoria, General Counsel for Christian television network TBN, issued the following response to the "Christianity Today" editorial calling for the removal of President Trump from office:

    The recent editorial in Christianity Today declaring that our duly elected President "Should Be Removed from Office" is distinctly short-sighted and published with a timing that appears self-serving and publicity seeking. Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli wastes no time in parroting the thread-bare and baseless liberal charges against President Trump, even as he attempts to guilt Trump-supporting evangelical Christians into abandoning their President, all while ignoring the scriptural record of imperfect (and even sinful) leaders God has used throughout the history of His own people Israel.

    The simple fact is that the Israelites of old were blessed and blossomed through more than one morally flawed leader (Moses and David come to mind). Likewise, over the years modern evangelicals have similarly been blessed and blossomed in spite of flaws, moral and otherwise, of their own leaders.

    The reality is that an overwhelming majority of evangelical Christians support Donald Trump, despite his past flawed moral compass and life choices. Yes, he is an imperfect individual, but he also has a demonstrated track record of unwavering support for a Judeo-Christian worldview on issues that are vitally important to us not only as a faith community, but as "one nation under God."

    President Trump's support goes beyond the basics like right to life, religious freedom, the Second Amendment, and appointing judges who uphold originalist views of the Constitution. He is also committed to the principles that made America great in the first place, including fundamental free-market capitalism, lower taxes, and basic government unencumbered by a destructive socialist agenda.

    President Trump has returned America to its rightful place as the best, brightest, and most envied nation in the world. He has worked tirelessly to protect U.S. interests in foreign trade, extend our influence in a positive and constructive manner across the earth, and hold other nations of the world, both friends and enemies, accountable for their actions.

    Mr. Galli and his team of evangelical moralizers need to be reminded that Donald Trump was not voted America's Pastor. The "P" in POTUS stands for President. As such he has been given the responsibility to lead a nation that is presently in conflict with itself politically, socially, spiritually — frankly, in almost every way. While not claiming a place in the sanctimonious Mr. Galli's evangelical community, Mr. Trump is nonetheless a man of faith in God who deeply covets the prayers of his fellow believers across America and around the world.

    Personally, I'll take a President who is a morally flawed sinner saved by God's grace, and who must daily depend on that grace both personally and in his role as America's Chief Executive. I'll take a President whose actions in that office reflect a true commitment to Judeo-Christian principles — and to guiding America back to the greatness upon which it was founded.

    The ideals we stand for as Christians are doomed if we let the perfect be the enemy of the good at this very critical moment in time. The American people have been blessed to have Donald Trump as their President. I will let God judge Donald Trump the man. Likewise, I'm happy to defend my decision to vote for him and, Lord willing, to vote once again for Donald Trump for President.

    Mr. Galli would do well to step off his moral high horse, remove his cloak of self-righteous judgment, thank God for President Trump, and lead the staff at Christianity Today in petitioning God for another four years of strong, no-nonsense leadership that will preserve our religious freedoms under President Trump.

    John B. Casoria
    TBN General Counsel


CONTACT: Colby May, 612-940-8406, cr@tbn.tv

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