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FCC Ruling Regarding Super Bowl Ad: Only Affects Chicago -- Other Stations Running Ads -- 'I Weary of Sloppy Journalism' says Randall Terry
Contact: Juan Lepanto, Randall Terry for President, 202-531-7547
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- At least 15 stations in seven states are scheduled to run pro-life Super Bowl ads in pre-game shows, during the Super Bowl, or in News Broadcasts after the game.
See ads here:
Randall Terry States:
"The best efforts of the Democrat party to subvert free elections have failed. In the 1940's the Democrat party sought to preclude African Americans from participating in primary elections. The Supreme Court ruled in two separate cases (The United States vs. Classic, Smith vs. Allwright) that the Democrat party could not preclude candidates or voters from participating in a primary, based on race or creed, regardless of the wishes of Democrat party bosses.
"As Christian candidates we have a fundamental right to decry the murder of the unborn and to make the plight of unborn babies the first priority of our candidacies. Furthermore, we have an inalienable right to use FCC-licensed stations to broadcast our ads without editing and without censorship.
"The FCC ruling regarding the Chicago NBC affiliate, WMAQ, was a 'CYA' gift to that station alone. The FCC decision hinged narrowly under the wright-in rules regarding whether or not I had given a 'Substantial showing.' The decision merely said that, given the facts in Chicago presented by WMAQ, that it was not "unreasonable" for WMAQ to deny me an ad. Because David Lewis, Angela Michael, and I are on the ballot in other states, we are de facto 'Legally Qualified Candidates,' which is why the stations are proceeding to run our ads.
"We say to our political enemies, and to those who promote the murder of babies, that we will continue to run these ads across the country in primary season and in the general election where we are on the ballot. Our intention is to make child killing the number one political issue of the election this year."
To schedule an interview with Randall Terry, call Juan Lepanto at 202-531-7547